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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sage., Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Yay. Little milestone I know, didn't notice it until now. Starting to love this forum and its members (no homo, inb4 seabs tells me we can't have homo on a wrestling forum).
  2. Congrats man. Glad you're enjoying the site. No homo on a wrestling forum (you said inb4 seabs).
  3. Congrats dude.

    There's nothing in the rules that doesn't allow "homosexual" activity here, so feel free to be yourself.
  4. I got and ib4? :groupwave1: :groupwave1:
  5. Yeah, Tzesi expresses his true self every-day. :coolgun:

  6. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Yes @[seabs], I remember you once saying something along the lines of "Can't really be homo when we talk daily about men wrestling in their underwear". Made me laugh. :lol:
  7. Both me and Crayo have fun everyday together.
  8. More posts than me. Fuck.
  9. :thumbup::thumbup:


    @[Xanth] that's actually disgraceful.
  10. Cool ill be there soon.