??? 2000 character "Miss Hancock"



I've never been a wrestling fan but recently have learned about Stacy Keibler playing the "Miss Hancock" character from years ago and would certainly like to see more of her matches, or whatever they're called in her case. Did she only play that part for one year, or season? The dates I've noticed look like they are from 2000. Is it possible to get specific DVDs of Miss Hancock, or would a person have to buy the entire wrestling year and pick through it to find her? My interpretation from what I've read is that when she was Miss Hancock it was WCW and then things were taken over by WWE and they kept Stacy Keibler but dropped the Miss Hancock character and she wrestled as herself. So for Miss Hancock would I have to buy the WCW year 2000 if that's possible to get, or how would be the best way to make the attempt, and where to buy videos?

Thank you for any help!

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