2003 WWE Weekly Show Reviews

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  1. I like the Ruthless Agression era but I didn't have the chance of watching that time so I decided to watch the shows and write some sorf of a "column" here where I will write about the weekly shows of 2003 starting from 9 June 2003 Raw. I may not do all of them because it's hard to find and watch them. Probably I want write about PPv's as I will just watch them from highlights. Also I don't really know what has happened because I didn't want to look. So those comments that I will make may come out wrong.

    9 June 2003:

    The show kicks off as we see SCSA in his office. HHH comes in and asks who will be the special referee in his match against Kevin Nash at Bad Blood which is a HIAC match. SCSA says that he will tell him later as he announces that. HHH demands to learn but SCSA refuses. Before HHH leaves SCSA says "By the way, Have a Nice Day!" so this is a huge hint!

    Goldberg vs Rosey:
    Goldberg's "beat the jobbers" streak continues, of course beating Rock is something else for sure. Jericho tries to interfere but Goldberg kicks the chair in his hand and Jericho runs back. Rosey tries to take the advantage but Goldberg Jackhammers him and gets the win. WWE could have used Goldberg much better but I have to say this Jericho vs Goldberg feud is pretty good.

    Renee Dupree vs RVD:
    RVD wins with a roll up despite the numbers disadvantage but Grenier comes and they beatdown RVD. La Resistance does a Double Team Spinebuster on him. JR said "I saw Kane earlier today, where is he?" probably this is a storyline where tension will rise between Kane and RVD.

    In the GM office Bischoff and SCSA talk about their Triathlon competition which will take place on Bad Blood. This thing going between two of them is fun but also weird. So pie eating comes and I wonder if this will happen in the PPv.

    Kane is at the backstage and he isn't in a good mood. RVD comes and screams where the he was as La Resistance beat him down. RVD reminds Kane about their tag match on Bad Blood against La Resistance. Kane remains his silence and when RVD says "Maybe you are afraid what Stone Cold said is true" Kane looks at him angrily but nothing happens as he walks off. (This happened last week when Kane lost to Dupree and afterwards Co-GM SCSA came down and asked if Kane still had it and tried to fire him up. Even tried to make Kane chokeslam himself but Kane didnt. In the end Kane got a Stunner from SCSA)

    Ivory & Trish Stratus vs "WWE Women's Champion" Jazz & Victoria w/Theodore Long
    First I have to say this, I love Victoria's theme during this time which is All the Things She Said by T.A.T.U. About the match, Ivory got the pin against Jazz for the second consecutive week. Last week it was a 6 women tag match and Ivory again got the pin against the Women's Champion. It was a decent match, probably best of the night. Wonder if it's Ivory's turn against Jazz for the title. Also women's division is pretty strong. They have great wrestlers, great matchs, good storylines. Much better than that times Smackdown where they only have Nidia, Sable and Torrie. SD is eye candy there for sure.

    Christian is at his locker room as Jericho walks in. Jericho says that he has to leave as Goldberg may try to take vengeance against him. Christian says he has challenged Booker T to a spin-a-roonie contest and he will make Booker embarrassed. Jericho says he embarrassed Goldberg as he speared him, painted his car and made him spear a referee. Christian says "Aren't you a bit worried, you made him mad he may want to kill you." Jericho says it's his plan. Goldberg is mad and he will make a mistake at Bad Blood. Jericho says he will capitilize the mistake and win on sunday. Then he runs away.

    Lance Storm vs Scott Steiner w/Stacy Keibler
    Steiner gots the win. This whole Steiner vs Test thing for Stacy bores me a bit. Probably because it involves Scott Steiner. But he is around there probably he is pretty popular during that time. Test attacks Steiner after the match and hits him with chair a few times. Then he takes Stacy to corner and tells that she doesn't have to be his girlfriend as he will win on Sunday and make her his whore. Stacy tries to slap him but Test catches the hand and sends Stacy to the floor. This segment was pretty good, made me interesting a bit but it still consists Steiner wrestling so...

    SCSA comes to the entrance ramp and announces the referee for HIAC match on sunday and it is Mick Foley as we expected. Foley enters the HIAC and talks about he being retired but when he was watching Raw last week he wanted to be that referee and then SCSA called him. He talks about his injuries, what he has done. Now all he has to do is count to three but HHH interrupts him and says that Foley is an ordinary guy just like the fools in the crowd. HHH says that he retired Foley in 27 January 2000. Then they exchange words at last HHH threatens him. Says that people should not have a say on his decision. HHH gives him time then says "You better make the right choice or I will make you do it."

    Randy Orton w/Ric Flair vs The Hurricane w/Shawn Michaels
    Now where is Batista? Once he was there probably in January or February but then Evolution disappeared now it's just Orton? No Batista? Injury? Orton gets the win with a pretty bad RKO. That was terrible but it was before he got perfect at RKO's. After the match Flair and Orton attack Hurricane and Orton does another terrible RKO. HBK gets up and attacks both and lays them down but no Superkicks. Referee stops him. This Flair vs HBK things is just great. Whole passing the torch thing is amazing. There has been amazing promos and a strong build up. Probably the best storyline and the match in Bad Blood. I mean... WTF is Nash vs HHH?!

    Spin-a-Roonie contest... Now this is entertainment which isn't entertaininng. It's like sitcoms which are not funny and just have fake laughs. As T tried to do a spin-a-roonie Christian tries to hit him with the belt but T ducks it and tries to kick Christian but Christian runs away. T celebrates it then goes to backstage. As he poses at the entrance, Christian hits him with the belt! He raises the belt. I just love this Christian. It's good but it will be perfect when he will become CAPTAIN CHARISMA. Shame WWE didn't get all of it and released him. Shame WWE, Shame. Look at what TNA has made him! A real star!

    Rodney Mack w/Christopher Nowinski vs D-Von Dudley w/Bubba Ray Dudley
    Terrible match. Worst of the night. So these teams will have a match at Bad Blood? A nonsens push for Mack and Nowinski... Stop the pain.

    Goldberg says that Jericho is next on Sunday. Jericho hits him with the chair but Goldberg stays up and Jericho runs away.​

    SCSA looks for Foley backstage Finds him and encourages him about being the special referee in HIAC this sunday. He calls him a coward then says the decision is up to Foley now.

    HHH comes down to the ring and he calls Foley out. Foley talks about his family and about retirement. Says he will return to his ordinary line on Monday because he will be the referee on Sunday! He says he is a bit scared because HHH can attack him anywhere, anytime. He doesn't know it but still he will be the referee. Foley gets into the ring, attacks Hunter but HHH takes him out with a chair but still Foley gets up. Hunter hits a Pedigree on the chair but again Foley gets up. Evolution comes down and attacks Foley but Nash comes down for the save. Kevin Nash... 2003... Still HE IS TOO OLD FOR THAT TIME!​

    So not a bad show. It was good actually but the lack of quality in WHC match is a real problem. Foley being the referee is interesting for sure but Nash vs HHH. Why Nash? Just to make HHH's reign longer?.. Matches were not that good. Worst of the night was D-Von vs Mack which was boring and had some botches. Best of the night was women's tag match. ​
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  2. Nice work OP. I've always felt that RAW 2003 is very underrated. Many people consider Smackdown as the clear winner that year but for me the RAW roster definitely had more depth to it and the programs were properly laid out throughout each layer of the card providing compelling programming at each level of the show. The best of which IMO, is the Kane unmasking and ensuing monster run for the rest of the year. I would even go as far to rate his 6 month run from his unmasking to the Armageddon 2003 as the second best phase of his career after his ME 1998 run. His feuds with RVD and especially with Shane were giving the title programs a run for their money. Add to that, the IC title scene was buzzing as well, the RVD-Christian program culminating in that incredible ladder match in the RAW main event instantly comes to mind (J.R was absolutely on fire on commentary in that match as well, one of his best performances IMO). Bischoff-Austin power struggle, Goldberg's main event run including that very well done $100,000 bounty storyline and the impactful Batista return.. etc etc. Smackdown was rather weak below the main event scene, although the return of the US Title towards the end of the year did help matters a bit.
  3. I had started watching from August 1997 again recently. .. but the names mentioned in this make me want to skip ahead a few years now... lol there was soo much amazing content in those days it's so fucking hard to find a place to start from again. But thank you, 2002-2005 is when I really followed wwe as a yonug teen (although it was mostly smackdown.... they did have the better shows fuck what raw fans say lol) I'll start again around this point in time. Maybe a little earlier but I will check out the raw aspect of things this time around
  4. 12 June 2003 WWE SmackDown:

    Rey Mysterio (c) vs Matt Hardy - WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
    Rematch from last week. Not as long as it was last week where Rey captured the CW Title from Matt. Matt attacks Crash Holly and Shannon Moore in the backstage telling them they are useless. It was a decent match. Nice to see Rey groin injury angle continue. Rey's underdog story continues as he retains his title. Matt's reign slowed CW division a bit. It was fun when he tried to lose weight and compete against Billy Kidman but later on things got a bit stale because of his Mattitude Followers. In my opinion CW Title Division should be clean wrestling, not much interference, and Matt's reign had a lot of that. So this feud is done or probaby almost done. BTW after the match this appeared. Time travel?


    Piper's Pit with Tajiri and Eddie. Sean O'Haire is there. Nice fun segment. Eddie is absolutely great. This is the time he starts to come with a car. Chavo's replacement Tajiri is doing a great job. Wonder if Piper and Sean go for the tag titles. Please no, please give Sean another teammate. Also I don't like that Sean doesn't get much mic time as his vignettes were awesome but now it's just Piper doing the talking.

    Sable and Stephanie segment in office. Still tension between them. Nothing special except we learn that US Title will come soon!

    Billy Gunn vs A-Train

    Torrie does the announcing as a part of her feud with Sable. Billy Gunn makes his return and gets a quick win and celebrates with Torrie as he spanks him. He is an ass man for sure.

    The Undertaker vs Johnny Stambouli w/FBI
    So this storyline continues. I like FBI. I like their Italian gimmick, they remind me Sopranos and I think Sopranos is one of the reasons that they are still around. A nice match. Stambouli is a big guy but athletic as well. Taker again gets the upper hand. FBI is not looking strong in this feud, never. Of course Taker will win as he is the legend but 3 vs 1 and Taker still gets upper hand everytime. It just makes FBI really really weak.

    Arm wrestling contest between Zach Gowen and Vince McMahon
    This Mr. America things has gotten far too long but I still like the feud. It's weird as it's clear that Mr. America is Hulk Hogan. A 3 yeard old even can say that but promos are great. Also this is probably one of the angles that Mr. McMahon persona is really great. Maybe his best time after Attitude Era? Vince first beats Hogan thanks to boob flash of Sable. Then Vince sends Steph, Mr. America and Sable. Than that skinny Gowen almost beat Vince until Vince kicks him in his leg and gets the win in arm wrestling contest. How did Zach almost win against Vince McMahon?! Compare the arm size. Now this segment was almost shit because of it. No desire or heart can beat those arms in a wrestling contest if you do not have that big arms!

    Chris Benoit & Rhyno vs Basham Brothers w/Shaniqua
    Benoit vs Rhyno is about to begin! Basham Brothers win again. Good to see that WWE doesn't make a win streak for every single new stars, hope you understand it CURRENT WWE CREATIVE TEAM! I hate Basham's for now because they are not unique and I hate the teams which I can't seperate. Then, that Attitude Era team which had 8-Ball (I don't remember their names), and Usos. Also that Shaniqua... Now things got a bit weird. She is ripped and with that whip she looks like as she is the mistress of Basham Brothers. What the hell is going on? After the match Benoit and Rhyno argue and Benoit leaves as he says "It happened for the second time"

    John Cena vs Funaki
    Shame that I am not English or American as I really don't get most of Cena's raps but they sound fun. This one was pretty hard because of references. SmackDown's #1 announcer gets beaten around a minute. Looks like SmackDown's #1 Jobber?

    Team Angle Segment ripped my heart out. Team Angle is probably my favourite trio of all times in any promotion. I liked their attire, all of them are amazing talent, led by one of the best ever and that you suck chants... I just want Kurt to return to WWE because of those chants! Also because he is a fantastic in ring talent. Angle asks where they were last week when he returned. Team Angle says that they were sick and they were sick of being in Angle's shadow. Don't do it guys, don't... Haas says we are the co-captains now but Kurt is still part of the team. Angle tells them to get the hell out and chants NaNaNaNa Hey Hey Goodbye. That team should have lasted longer. It was like 3-4 months. From late 2002 or early 2003 to Wrestlemania 19. Then Kurt got injured. So unlucky... I loved seeing Team Angle in that hoodies. Also during the commercial Team Angle attacks Kurt backstage as they tried to apologize. They lay Kurt out. Probably this is Angle's storyline until he gets to the title picture.

    Brock Lesnar (c) vs Big Show - WWE Title Match:
    Not a really great match but THAT RING SPOT! Ring collapsed! Fans went nuts and so did I. I thought this happened in a Pay Per View. Is this a work or not? So feud will go on probably for one more PPv.

    It was a great show. Full of surprises. That ring collapsing moment, Team Angle splitting, Rey's victory (this one is not a surprise but it was nice), things between Gowen-America and Vince. Also US Title will be back! A really nice show. First or the last match was the best, I can't really decide. Not great matches but they were good. Other matches were not bad. None were bad but just short.
  5. 16 June 2003 Raw:

    Mick Foley kicks off the show and he talks about the Nash-HHH match. No more Nash, thank god. He talks and talks about his book and says that he will be on Raw for the last time for a long period. LINE IN THE SAND! But like version one, not that great, only instrumental. Crowd didn't get who they were. It was like their return in 2014. That crowd reaction was horrible. Anyway, Orton talks Foley down and says if Foley does the right things he can be Evolution's fourth member. Foley says that in his entire career he wanted to be a member of Four Horsemen wannabes! Flair goes mad but Foley goes on HHH and Flair are two greats but Orton is still a young kid, he has proved nothing. Orton says he doesn't have to risk his body like Foley did because why would he risk a perfect body like his. Orton says if HHH didn't retire Foley back in the day, Orton would have kick his ass. Foley demands Orton to punch him in the face. Orton does but it doesn't work then Evolution attakcks him but Maven and Al Snow save them. Maven & Al Snow? Maven & Al Snow? Why them? Did you guys run out of roster depth... That ending was terrible. ​

    Bischoff insulting Moolah and Mae Young who had emberrased him in Bad Blood as Mae Young did a stinkface to Bischoff. That was terrible. Not entertaining. Bischoff says that wasn't entertaining. He will give an entertaining as Mae will wrestle tonight. SHE IS 80 YEARS OLD! COME ON WWE! I wonder if Mae Young enjoys whole this stuff because she was always there. ​

    Gail Kim promo. Matrix...​
    Dudley Boyz & Ivory vs Rodney Mack & Christopher Nowinski & Jazz w/Theodore Long

    That match was pretty good thanks to face team as they wrestled in a nice way. Also it was booked like a chaos. Not much one on one action. It's nice to see Dudleyz when they are strong. So entertaining. Ivory got the pin on Jazz again. IT'S THE THIRD TIME! ​

    RVD and Kane argue backstage. They lost the titles to La Resistance on Bad Blood. Kane says that it was RVD's fault. Kane wants team to split if they fail tonight. RVD leaves without a word.​
    Lance Storm vs Garrison Cade:

    SCSA comes and says it BOOORING and yells it, taunts Storm entire match. He has a sleep thing and he lays there and pretends as he was asleep. Storm gets mad and Cade gets the win with a roll up. Now Lance Storm may not be the most entertaining guy in the world but he is a good in ring talent. Come on WWE. This just pissed me off. What you guys think about this?​
    Christian & Chris Jericho vs Booker T & Goldberg :

    4 starts, not a so good match. It was below average. It lacked a tempo, things were too messy and it went longer than it should have been. Also a few botches were in there and not by Goldberg. It's like TEW's "off the game" thing. Match didn't have great action. Chaos in the end: Goldberg spears Jericho. As referee looks to them legal man Christian takes the title, tries to hit Booker but Booker ducks, kicks him and gets the belt, hits him. 1 2 3.​

    Mae Young didn't wrestle but got a Pumphandle Powerslam from Test. THAT IS TERRIBLE AS WELL! SHE WAS 80 AT THAT TIME! SCSA saved her, kinda, as he made Steiner ass the referee. Test quickly hit the move to Mae and run away. No match but poor Mae...​
    Rico w/Jackie Gayda vs Spike Dudley

    WTF IS THIS? Homosexual? Metrosexual? Somethingsexual? I am not against to any of it. I think people should do whatever they want unless it effects another person without their own will. People should have their choices and thoughts but what is this gimmick? It's just terrible. Also Jackie GAYda?! Word games by WWE. Match was not terrible as Spike did some good moves but it's still a not good match.​

    SCSA motivating Kane and RVD in his office with patriotism. I remembered 4th July 2016 Raw. Terrible. ​
    Maven w/Mick Foley vs Randy Orton w/Ric Flair

    The second best match of the night. Poor Maven, wish he had some character. He is pretty good in the ring. Could do better of course but for that time he wrestles well. Not great but good. It was a nice match, good to see Foley and Flair have their roles and Foley doing Mr. Socko. I wonder when Orton's RKO will get better. But it's still too early.​
    La Resistance (c) vs RVD & Kane - World Tag Team Title Match

    Best match of the night. Started fast as RVD and Kane dominated. La Resistance did well with their heel character. They work pretty well as a team. Also I love to watch RVD. The guy is so athletic! All the flips, flying moves he does are awesome and he does them so easily. I bet he can do it when he is only at his %5 performance. Big fan of RVD. In the end RVD goes up for a Five Star Frog Splash but Dupree pushes him on to Kane, who is outside. Kane goes mad and attacks La Resistance. Hits Dupree with the chair and referee calls for a DQ. Kane is not done and goes on as he chokeslams Dupree and then Grenier who tried to flee. HHH comes down the ramp and tells he want no trouble. He wants him in Evolution. Says that with him they can be unstoppable. SCSA comes down and tells that HHH wants it because Kane is a threat to Hunter's title. SCSA offers a WHC match next week on Raw MSG. Bischoff comes down, who is pissed off to SCSA's last minute change to Mae Young. Says if Kane loses he will unmask. Bischoff says that he has to decide. Kane grabs both SCSA and HHH from the neck then lets them go. Takes SCSA from the neck again, lifts up for chokeslam but changes his idea, grabs HHH and chokeslam. So next week... It's all exciting!​

    It was a nice show because the Evolution and their search for 4th member was fun. Also Bischoff-SCSA disagreement continues. Matches were not that good, 3 good 3 bad but main event was pretty entertaining and had lots of action. It was a nice Raw. At least it has storyline... If you know what I mean...​

    By the way I don't have any 2003 SD shows anymore. Torrents dont work and cant find any links. I only have the show that Lesnar vs Angle Iron Match happens. So it will go with Raw shows for a time being, unless you guys have some links for SD shows. ​
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