Royal Rumble 2012 #14 Spot

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Arrow, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Who do yu think will end up getting it this year? I hope it's Santino personally. I really really hope that Orton and Cena do NOT get the #14 spot.
  2. Orton will get it, everyone will think he's going to win, he doesn't.
  3. @[Jonathan]

  4. I hope it's Sheamus.
  5. Hope it's Otunga, or Slater.
  6. Haha the infamous 14 spot bye bye WWE career!
  7. Let's hope it's not Mick Foley. If it is, I'll cry with you @[Cloud] :emoji_cry:
  8. Probably someone who leaves my care cup empty. I'll say JTG.
  9. :angry: that'd be my reaction!
  10. :rofl:
  11. I hope it's Chris Jericho.
  12. WHAT? :censored:
  13. I'll kick your ass @[RKO].
  14. :thumbup:
  15. :boat::boat::boat::boat::boat::boat::boat::boat::boat::boat:
    No you won't @[Crayo]la.
  16. No idea how mad I am right now!! GIVE ME MY BOAT.
  17. @[RKO] i'll kick ur arse with @[Crayo]

    how dare u suggest that bout Jericho!
  18. I'll RKO all you guys. You should know better to try and mess with the Viper.
  19. :fuyou:
  20. You'll end up like all these guys...