2012 PPV win-loss records

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  1. Austin Aries = 6-0


    [size=x-large]Bobby Roode = 5-1
    Devon = 5-0
    Gail Kim = 5-1[/size]


    Kurt Angle = 4-1
    Mr. Anderson = 4-0


    AJ Styles = 3-2
    Crimson = 3-3
    Magnus = 3-2
    Samoa Joe = 3-3


    Garrett Bischoff = 2-1
    Gunner = 2-1
    James Storm = 2-3
    Jeff Hardy = 2-4
    Kazarian = 2-3


    [size=x-small]Abyss = 1-0
    Brooke Tessmacher = 1-1
    Christopher Daniels = 1-3
    Eric Young = 1-1
    Hernandez = 1-0
    Joseph Park = 1-0
    Matt Morgan = 1-3
    ODB = 1-0
    Robbie E. = 1-4
    Rob Van Dam = 1-3
    Zema Ion = 1-2[/size]


    [size=xx-small]Alex Shelley = 0-2
    Bully Ray = 0-6
    Chris Sabin = 0-1
    D'Angelo Dinero = 0-1
    Eric Bischoff = 0-1
    Jesse Sorensen = 0-2
    Kid Kash = 0-2
    Madison Rayne = 0-1
    Mickie James = 0-1
    Robbie T. = 0-2
    Rosita = 0-1
    Sarita = 0-1
    Shannon Moore = 0-1
    Sting = 0-2
    Tara = 0-1
    Velvet Sky = 0-1



    What have we learned here?

    Aries is God. He is getting a main event push soon as his promo tonight indicated. TNA has a lot of faith in him.

    Bully is King. He don't need no stinkin' wins, and he is still the best heel in wrestling and always feels legit no matter how often he loses.

    TNA still love them some Mr. Anderson. He's been flying under the radar a bit on television but he's still piling up PPV victories.

    Pope, Sabin, and Kash are criminally underused. But you already know that face_Del Rio

    Purple is a bad color choice if you use the black background

    People thought Hardy would be slingshot back into the title hunt upon returning, but TNA is actually giving us the slow build that many wanted. I expect he will be champion again in early 2013

    Crimson's 'undefeated' streak is a farce for many reasons, his loss as a part of a tag team with Morgan is one shining example of this.

  2. Unless he gets pinned it "doesn't count".

    I'm so glad Aries is getting pushed, even though Bully is still great I'd love to see him actually win.
  3. Doesn't count is in quotations for a reason. Add in the fact that he wasn't having consistent matches over his '460' day streak or whatever it was and it cheapens it even more. Goldberg's streak was awesome because he was winning every week and there was nothing cheap about it. He wasn't losing tag team matches or getting DQ'd.

    The Crimson streak was better once he was a heel because it was such a cheap streak and him bragging about it was pretty hilarious. But overall I'm glad it's finished so I don't have to hear about him being undefeated anymore. I hope he has a proper feud with Storm with him obsessing about the loss and having a mental breakdown while stalking/hating Storm for awhile. Both guys are great and it's a way to keep Storm away from Roode for awhile.
  4. Can't believe @TestifyDevon is so high on the list. :obama:

    And kudos to Aries, he stepped up for himself ever since he came in last year and he's been running wild with the ball. Great man, wrestler and entertainer.

    Lolz @ Bully Ray's streak, but he's still more legit and credible then 90% of all the heels in wrestling.
  5. Brainbuster FTW. Seriously i havent popped that hard in who-knows-how-long. Wow, just wow.
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