2013 F1 season

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  1. Ok, I want to know what do you think.
    Who will earn the driver's championship?
    Is Lewis idea of leaving McLaren good?
    Is the new Ferrari enough good to compete with Red Bull?
    Is it gonna be Red Bull who earns the constructor's championship?
    And more things you want
  2. Drivers championship: Hamilton or Button
    Only time will tell. When next seasons rules are introduced where each team has to build their own engine themselves, Mercedes could run rings around McLaren, as McLaren get their engines from Mercedes already. Mercedes know how to build an engine well, McLaren currently don't so it could be difficult for them.
    I haven't seen any of the Jerez testing to compare the two cars ATM.
    I would not be surprised if Red Bull won constructors again TBH.
  3. R: 2013 F1 season

    Alonso and Vettel for the championship.
  4. Think it's gonna be a straight up fight between McLaren and Red Bull for the drivers and constructors champ, with Ferarri and Mercedes being the next bext two teams on the grid, Alonso will spring a few suprise results here and there and keep himself in somewhat close contention for the drivers champ
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