2013 Handball World Cup Discussion (Spain)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Testify, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. Dunno how many of you actually follow it, but I do.:maybe:

    The quarter finals are already here, and the excitement is already in the air with one MASSIVE quarter final match, Croatia vs. France:


    * Denmark vs. Hungary
    * Croatia vs. France
    * Slovenia vs. Russia
    * Spain vs. Germany

    Anyone watches handball?:otunga:
  2. Anyone watching this later on?
  3. Never even realised this sport exists.
  4. Well, I could've assumed so because your state sucked balls to Croats (and everyone else) at the Olympic tournament.

    Btw, you serious?:dawg:
  5. Actually serious, lol.
  6. Watched handball cup, France vs. Croatia. Croatia kicked their fucking ass, as it was final before final. Great game! Croatia moves on, along with Denmark, Spain and Slovenia.
  7. @Stopspot u following this?

    I know Sweds aren't on this cup, but they won silver on OG in London.
  8. Not following it. I'm honestly not a big handball fan but I watch it when I see it on TV. And yeah we did pick up the silver at the OG.
  9. Ok bro. Now you didn't even make it, a fuckin Montenegro kicked you out in qualifications.:dawg:
  10. Montenegro? Jesus. I don't follow Handball but I know we usually have a pretty good team and do good. But bloody Montenegro?
  11. Same with Stopwatch, when it's on, I'll watch.
  12. Spain in finals, Denmark vs. Croatia now.
  13. Spain won . Destroyed Denmark . Can u dig that suckerrrrrr?
  14. Yeah, what happened to Denmark?:mad2:
  15. They faced the best nation in the world buddie :boss:
  16. :yes:
  17. Lol no. Spain lost to Croatia on purpose so they can avoid France, and thus, go easily into the finals, and then Denmark got lost in the shuffle since they beat Croatia. Spain is strong, but also very lucky. I'd say Croatia is the best in handball right now, tbh.
  18. Spain is not the best nation in the world of handball. Like Testify said they lost on purpose so they could avoid France. Croatia is playing stellar handball.
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  19. I know LOL just kidding BROTHA . Then we are smart . And we destroyed Denmark .
  20. No problemo dawg.:mad2:

    Yeah, Espana is a smart, weasel team, and kudos for destroying Denmark. I've never seen anything like it in a fucking finals of such a huge tournament.
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