2013 Heisman finalists

Discussion in 'Sports' started by GrammarNazi82, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. None of those three will win. Rapist Winston will win the Heisman
  2. Yeah, he's the favored one out of the six. But it's very awesome to have two finalists from this state. Plus three of them actually have Alabama connections since Winston is an Alabama native.
  3. It'll be Winston, we've known that since week 1. Great to see Andre Williams get the respect he deserves though.

    Speaking of respect, hoping Tre Mason gets a nice spot in the top 3... at least above McCarron
  4. Winston should win it.
  5. Winston got it in the bag, Mason is my dark horse
  6. I'll be glad for Winston to get it. Dude still has ties to Alabama, which makes it even better. Either way, happy with the finalists. Do really hope Mason gets a good showing from it though.
  7. Winston all day
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