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    Raiders vs Vikings tonight. Bridgewater will get some first team reps, and I'm interested to see Carr in his first NFL action. Khalil Mack as well. @Snowman you boy Cordarrelle could get some looks.

    Buffalo/Carolina could be interesting for the first half. Philly/Chicago.

    I'll probably try to catch as much of the first half of each of these games as I can... 2nd half of week 1 of preseason is literally a bunch of dudes who won't even make practice squads.
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    Washington vs. New England was a surprise.
    Always happy to see Cincinnati lose
    Ravens ran for over 235 yards against 49ers. That's about a month's worth of yardage from last year.
  3. Reading the report for what happened last night, Draevice...

    -Opening drive with all the starters was a 10 play TD drive. :win: The running backs not just got holes but blew through them like you'd expect Rice and Pierce to. Wagner did a great job as well.
    -Flacco looked much accurate in game action than practice. He threw 4 passes to 4 different receivers including 2 new plays (bomb to Juszczyk, screen pass to Pitta). Have read that Kyle Juszczyk could have some PPR appeal, but come on son
    -CJ Mosely was really fast. Asa Jackson got an interception, but it was against Blaine Gabbert so it doesn't really count. He should still be the starting #2 because Chykie continues to be ass

    Reading about the # of targets for each receiver for some fantasy info but am not gonna bother posting those since each starting QB only threw like 5 times. But @Senhor Perfect Demaryious Thomas is already looking like a damn good 1st round pick.
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  4. Breaking News: Trent Richardson still blows.
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  5. They're also saying Jimmy graham looks stronger and faster than last year. My knees are weak.
  6. Looking forward to Miami/Atlanta tonight!

  7. It'll be interesting to see if the offensive line holds up tonight.
    Is Moreno playing?
  8. Nope
  9. He was taken off the PUP list and attended 1 practice... there's a possibility I guess, but I doubt it.
  10. I'll be at Eagles vs Patriots preseason game.
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  11. Hopefully it's more entertaining than the 23-6 stomp down that the Pats took last night.
  12. True, hopefully it'll be good. Won't see starters for too long but wanna see the whole team anyways.
  13. Will be at the bar for Kraken night (no Greg Hardy will not be there :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)


    but also while drunk off cheap Kraken will be watching the Raiders/Vikings & Eagles/Bears.
  14. 7-0 already... if Miami can put together those kinds of drives in the regular season I might be smiling this year.
  15. man the ATL D is doodoo
  16. so many penalties
  17. Reasons to love the preseason: Because when you're facing 4th and Inches vs the Panthers' D, you can say "Screw it, it's just practice!"
  18. Ingram looking solid
  19. Shoulda known better than to expect D'Z to watch this amazing Matt Schaub vs Matt Cassel qb matchup.

    Matt Asiago running really hard out there. Yes, he's white.

    Pottsy just got screwed out of preseason fantasy points
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