2014 NFL Draft Live Discussion

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Just Kevin, May 8, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Where: Radio City Music Hall, New York City, New York

    When: Starts Thursday May 8th, 8pm EST

    Where to watch: NFL Network, ESPN on TV and online streaming.

    @Tyler Durden or @Stopspot please make this live. I'll tag mod again when it needs to be made not live.​
  2. Isn't that guy from Modern Family involved in this?
  3. Yeah, Ty Burrell.... He'll be up on stage handing the jerseys to Goodell as the picks are announced.
  4. I would laugh so hard if the Pats trade up to get Manziel, Bortles, or Bridgewater... Brady is 37 so it's a definite possibility. It would give the rookie a few years under Brady to learn before taking the helm. I hope there will be a bunch of surprises in the draft this year.
  5. Who are you backing as the top picks for this year? I know very little about the NFL overall but this thread looks lonely with no D'Z bitching about Ravens or some shit. YO @Aids Johnson @Snowman @America wake the fuck up @Goldberg you in the draft this year?
  6. Clowney will almost definitely be the first overall... most likely Greg Robinson second and then after that it really depends on possible trades.. anything can happen.
  7. No fucking way TYBURREL WILL BE INVOLVED? Im super pumped!
  8. Ryan Mallet trade to Texans could be completed today or during draft weekend.
  9. Yeah niceee dude Phil Dunphy going to be handing goodell the jersey on the 13th pick, I'll keep my eye open!
    Ty Burrell is the fucking man.

    Him in the pilot of Modern Family, fucking golden stuff.
  10. NFL Network are high on Bridgewater right now... saying he will be the first QB chosen.
  11. 2 hrs 15 minutes until 1st pick, wooohoo!
  12. well until the countdown til 1st pick starts :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. for some reason am kinda expecting a fair few draft trades going on at the last minute, guess i am hoping as it would add some spice as well
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  14. I see plenty of Day 2 trades going down tbh, but only maybe like 2 potential Day 1 trades, 1 consisting of the Eagles and the other consisting of someone trading back from their #10 pick.
  15. The only thing about the Draft is it is going to make me miss football even more until the start of the season lol
  16. Lol true dat.. talks coming in now about Eagles potentially interesting in trading up 3 picks with the Dolphins; I assume this is in case Clinton Dix or Anthony Barr look like they are about to be swept up or if there is a #1 contending receiver available.
  17. If the Eagles trade up to 19 then Marquise Lee will most likely be there... maybe Beckham.. I'd take Beckham out of those 2.
  18. Freaking the hype around Beckham over the last week and a half is nuts, he's like projected to go somewhere between #8-14 now.
  19. He's fast as fuck and has the return potential as well... drop it in the slot and let him turn and take off.. I think he'll be dangerous.
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