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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Match card:

    Randy Orton(c) vs John Cena- WWE Title match

    Big Show vs Brock Lesnar


    Rhodes' Brothers(c) vs NAO- Tag Title Match

    30-Superstar Royal Rumble
    (Announced participants: Batista, Alberto Del Rio, Big E Langston, The Miz, R-Truth, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Fandango, Bad News Barrett, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose)
    I'll add to the op as more matches are announced.
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  2. Xavier woods is in there? Well... I simply disagree with that.
  3. Well, I guess Bryan/Wyatt's off now that Bryan has a concussion. If Bryan is penciled in to win the Rumble, they'll likely have him take it easy by entering him into the Rumble match late and not having him wrestle any other matches earlier in the night. Bryan and Bray's blowoff match can always wait till EC.

    I'm thinking the Rhodes defending the Tag Team Championships against the New Age Outlaws could be made part of the show though since the Outlaws going over the Rhodes on Smackdown likely makes them the #1 contenders. Challengers defeating the champion(s) is typically the lazy way of setting up a title match for the PPV in this day and age.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I am still torn with who is going to win. I still for some reason see Reigns winning it. But the more I think about it, not sure how that would play out. I don't want to see Punk win it. I would be okay with Batista winning it.
  6. You think the Rhodes will be in both an RR and a Tag Team Match for the Straps in the same PPV? That'd be cool I suppose.

    They frequently throw up and comers all the time in there, Fandango is also in.. (Xavier > Fandango IMO)
    I Think they should put an NXT person in the rumble, last year they did a tourny that Bo Dallas won and he was a person representing the NXT in the RR.
  7. Yes. It's not uncommon for guys to compete in both the Rumble as well as their own separate matches on the card. Besides, I believe this Brother/Brother feud between Cody and Goldust could be booked similar to Bret/Owen from 1994. The Hart brothers back then failed a chance to win the tag team titles at the '94 Rumble which led to Owen snapping and attacking Bret after the match. Owen then later attacked Bret again when he was on his way to the ring to compete in the Rumble. Here, they used two separate occasions on the same night to build towards their eventual match at Wrestlemania X and they could do the same for the Rhodes brothers this year (not play it out exactly the same, but similar... like maybe they lose the straps to the Outlaws - which causes tension between them - and then it further escalates when one of them ends up accidentally eliminating the other in the Rumble. Then you can build from there.)

    And if you want to know how to "accidentally" eliminate someone from the Rumble, just watch this:

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  8. I can see that happening, I mean they did have it originally that NAO would be in the RR event itself but their names were later removed off the match card. So maybe they'll announce something Monday/Tues SD Taping about it.
  9. I can see Del Rio getting number 1 and then call out Batista and say that he will eliminate him, blah blah blah, but Brock Lesnar turns out to be number 2.
  10. I kind of liked how last year NXT did a tourny to have someone be a participant in the RR. I was a little shocked to see they didn't do it this year.. It must've not went over well last year.
  11. They should bring back the drawing of the numbers... you know, just have superstars go backstage, into the office of Kane/Brad Maddox, have some workless diva (you have plenty of those) man the box and have the superstars that are in draw their numbers. React to the number they got accordingly or deceptively....
  12. Well, the winner was Bo Dallas.
  13. I hope the inevitible return from short hiatus of:

    Plays some point during the Rumble.. (HOPEFULLY TONIGHT ON RAW but probably not!)

    Haha good one :emoji_slight_smile: Not a big fan of him either.
    He had his moment in there, when both him and WB knocked eachother out of it haha.
  14. Hoping batista is number 30 and wins it

    @Aids Johnson gavs coming for you
  15. Number 21 Daniel Bryan, he wins and I come after @Aids Johnson and take his title!
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  16. I thought bryan at first but the closer it gets the more I think batista will take it
  17. [​IMG] Good jokes guys ^
  18. Let's face it, Aids isn't getting past EC with the title. It's ok though, he can always become the Diva's champ.:kiss:
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  19. :joeyryan: I'd rock that belt so hard.
  20. Time for a Sandow Mark!
    As of roughly 9:05ish tonight:
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