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  1. Who do you think will have a career year in 2014? Many can say 2013 was the year of the beard, and 2012 was Punk's and by a landslide. What superstar do you think, or would you like to breakout in 2014?
  2. It's already leaning towards Cody Rhodes. I'd say he's the safest bet
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  3. Cody seems like a shoe in right now. Cream rising to the top and such like we have seen with Bryan and Punk before (and Edge is another prime example).
    Depending on how he is booked I can see it being the year of the big guy as well.
    And depending on when he is brought up. Zayn could have a pretty darn good impact on the main roster scene.
  4. Cody Rhodes if he get's more over with the crowd, I thought he'd have no problem getting over as a babyface, it's been tough for him.

    I also think Bray Wyatt will have a good year in 2014. A huge push is coming for him soon.
  5. Cody, Bray, and of course THE SHIELD!
  6. Bo Dallas. 20BOOOOOOOOURTEEN!
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  7. 2014 - Cody will be the big face.
    2015 - Zayn will have his big win.
  8. Cody or Bray
  9. Cody Rhodes probably.

  10. Hell yes!

    All his fans will be so happy.

    On a totally different topic... have you ever considered how awesome a Gordon Ramsay remix of ODB's "Ooh baby I like it raw" would be? Ooh baby I like it RAWWWWWW Yeah baby I like it RAWWWWW
  11. Look, LOOK! In the middle! What is it? Yeah. That's how I like it. RAW!
  12. I would love it to be Rhodes or Wyatt fo sho.
  13. Hell yeah, that would be epic
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  14. I think Cody Rhodes is the obvious choice, and I do agree that he has the best chance. Who would you LIKE to see though? I'm leaning toward Cesaro, but wouldn't mind Titus O'neil getting a good look.
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  15. An O'Neil/Cesaro WHC feud would be amazing. Titus could carry the mic portion and Cesaro could carry the ring portion. The perfect example of a feud that can put both guys over.
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  16. I feel that 2014 will be a stellar year. As noted earlier. 2014 is the year of Bo f'n Dallas.
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  17. I really like this idea, I know a few of us are Titus marks too.
  18. Dat there Big Show is a up and comer. HHH to put him over.
  19. i like Titus, he is a BEAST! ,the WWE should treat him better
  20. Love how 5 months ago i was cheering for him, when he used to job to sheamus while this one was feuding with Sandow and now everyone thinks hes gonna be a future main eventer.
    Its funny to see how a match (like MITB) can change the career of a superstar
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