2015 End of the Year Awards [RESULTS]

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    The votes are in, the results are done, and now we present to you, the winners of the WWEForums Awards of 2015! Remember, you voted for who you thought represented each category!

    The Award for the Wrestling Nerd goes to...
    Winner (open)
    Jacob Fox & Stopspot!!

    The Award for the Funniest Member goes to...
    Winner (open)
    Swing Car!!

    The Award for the Friendliest Member goes to...
    Winner (open)
    Prince Balor!!

    The Award for the Sports Fanatic goes to...
    Winner (open)

    The Award for the Weirdest Member goes to...
    Winner (open)
    Deth, Aids & Swing Car!!

    The Award for the Best Poster goes to...
    Winner (open)
    Jacob Fox!!

    The Award for the Best Newcomer goes to...
    Winner (open)

    The Award for the Biggest WWE Fanboy goes to...
    Winner (open)
    The GOAT!!

    The Award for the Biggest Indie Wrestling Fanboy goes to...
    Winner (open)

    The Award for the Best Staff Member goes to...
    Winner (open)
    The Chairman of the board, Solidus!!

    The Latest Inductee to the 2015 Hall of Fame class goes to...
    Hall of Famer (open)

    That is all folks! Thanks for voting!
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  2. some questionable choices, but all round cool
  3. Idk how I didn't win sports fanatic, rigged bs.
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  4. not really if the majority voted for it.
    idk how i didn't get best newcomer. smh
  5. I voted for you for something, I can't remember what. ehh
  6. Well obviously, i'm not speaking for everyone lol
  7. How did it come down to ties?
  8. I'm offended. How the fuck am I weird? Hate you all.

    Grats to Snowman though. Well deserved. :obama:
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  9. I'mma let you finish, but deth is the weirdest member of all time!:kshrug:

    jkjk, that'd be Lockard
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  10. indie wrestling fan.
    which implies that your votes are not to be questioned?? w/e lol
    no point in arguing on something that doesn't matter. :reigns:
    People were voted the same amount of times. We could do a tie breaker, but it'd be a waste of time.
  11. Nah, you're unique. Lockard on the other hand.
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  12. Fair enough :dealwithit:
  13. Neptune and Sam Adams seems to be the only new comer this year? That's still around.
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  14. Lockard isn't even weird, he's just a creep.
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  15. John40 would be disappointed in all of you idiot teenagers.
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  16. Lockard isn't a creep or a weirdo. He's a pervert.
  17. @The GOAT
    What are your thoughts on this revelation?
  18. inb4 a long drawn out post about life.... and hookers.
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  19. More like a long drawn out post about wanking in the HS bathroom :pity1:
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  20. When I was a freshman in high school, there was this guy in shop class who ALWAYS would try to get me to go into the bathroom and jack off with him. EVERY day... and he made no secret about... several other students heard him asking me.. I was always like, "Um, I have work to do..."

    Anyhow, separate from that, I find wrestling nerd and best poster to be very flattering. It's very nice that anyone sees me as such, thank you :emoji_slight_smile:
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