2015 End of Year Awards

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's that time of year again! :happy2:
    Click on the image above to choose your picks for each category in this years award ceremony.
    Not necessary, but including the user ID of each member you vote for is very helpful in case of name changes, find the UID here,


    So filling in like this is ideal,


    Any you want to skip, just put N/A.
    And of course, the Hall of Famer gets the HOF award [​IMG]
    This can only be filled out once per member, there is no way to make changes!

    Thank you! :nod:
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  2. There should be a "Best mod of both the Fantasy League and IWT (at the same time)" award. There's a wide variety of member to choose from.
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  3. Done, good luck amigos. Sure we had a annoying member award before? Had a few in mind:smirk2:
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  4. I tried, they wanted to go all PC though.
  5. Freedom of speech does not exist under this regime. Let us rebel! :pipebomb:
  6. Can we nominate ourselves?
  7. Think people have before
  8. Technically I qualified for that years ago so where my award
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  9. That'd be kinda lame.
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  10. What fantasy league did you run...
  11. WWE
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  12. Your avatar makes me want to read Playgirl.
  13. Your avatar makes me want to avoid church and bearded men. :pokerface:
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  14. The dude in his avi is actually a wrestler.
  15. I stand by my statement. :bitw:
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  16. #ReportedForHatingPastors #IdiotTeenager
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  17. You are not only oppressing me as a human being, but your comments are both vile and immature. I have had enough. I am not voting for you. I am not voting for any of you. I want to cancel my account. I refuse to be part of a forum that encourages racism, sexism, oppression, and immaturity.
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  18. Done :gusta:
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