NFL 2015 NFL Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. Well.. It's that dreaded time of the year again where we eagerly await the 2015-2016 to begin.. We have a good amount of time in between then so this will be the off season discussion thread.. basically the draft, offseason workouts, combine information and free agent acquisitions throughout the inbetween time from today til the start of the pre-season really will be discussed.

    Draft Order, not including potential free agent acquistions..

    It's going to be a long 6ish months.
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  2. Shoutout to who ever drafts T.J. Clemmings in the second round.
  3. I dig the offseason, as do the rest of you based on how huge the offseason thread was last year.

    Time for teams to start re-signing in house FAs.
  4. Johnny 8 Ball checking into rehab lulz

    My watch shows that this shitheads 15 minutes should be up any second now. fucking clown
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  5. Dan Quinn officially the new HC for the Falcons.
    Richard Sherman likely to have Elbow Surgery.

    Lol, I doubt the rehab is going to do him any good.
  6. Really hyped to hear we are close to making a deal with suh
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  7. Official: Richard Sherman will undergo Tommy John Surgery.

    The Veteran Combine held for older NFL players that are trying to prove their worth that is similar to the Combine held in place for the collegiate athletes is set to begin in March in Arizona.

    Random Steeler's note while I'm posting.. Lance Moore was upset with the playing time he received while on the Steelers this past season.. he has asked the team for his release.
  8. Picture yourselves as lions fans,would you be happy if we got rid of Calvin for Suh?
  9. Maybe he can get his life straighened out so he can go back to school to get a real career.
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  10. look up "Russel Wilson Super Bowl conspiracy"

    L O L
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  11. god no
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  12. curious to see how the broncos do next season with all of these changes hahaha.
  13. At least he can join Manziel in rehab, and maybe even Jordan Cameron in Somewhere that's not Cleveland.

    Apparently the Browns are interested in moving up for Mariota... I wonder if that's possible (assuming Tampa takes Winston). Maybe trading the #2 for both the Browns' first rounders will be a better way to go in Nashville.

    Jets interested in Ryan Mallett... or any other person with a right arm, really
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  14. I can't even picture being happy in either situation regardless. Lions lol.

    Fuck NFL, it's MLB time ninja's.
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  15. Justin Gilbert thought of more as a nuisance than an asset by the end of the season..

    Looks like Jordan Cameron doesn't want to resign with the Browns.
  16. @Vice, Jamison Hensley says the Ravens' free agent interest do include some players they expect to be released, including Vincent Jackson, Vernon Davis, Chris Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, Tyvon Branch, and Cary Williams.

    Could lead to some fun conversation amongst the group, no?
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  17. I really hope they are right about Branch being released lol
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