2015 PPV Plans Revealed

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  1. TNA President Dixie Carter addressed TNA Wrestling’s future on pay-per-view via social media, tweeting they will run a "few" live pay-per-views this year and "several" One Night Only pay-per-views.


    Slammiversary and BFG are probably staying the only two live PPVs, while they already have two ONO PPVs taped last September which didn't yet air on PPV. They'll probably tape maybe two or three more and that's it.
  2. Sounds like about what I expected, I still see massive monetary issues coming up for TNA either way.
  3. Probably not gonna happen. They've thined their roster and deadweight pretty good over the last several yrs, there are no more big names like Hogan and Bischoff and Flair and Foley etc to eat TNA millions, they have stopped going live every two weeks, now are doing tv tapings in a way that really isn't expensive, they've cut their non-profitable PPV shows, and really a number of other things because of which I don't see those big time monetary issues coming up.

    2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 were all profitable for TNA, confirmed by Meltzer and Johnson.
    2013 and 2014 definitely weren't because they lost a lots of money in them.

    However I see tables turning around in 2015 and after two years this being a profitable yr for TNA.
  4. They should totally add in another PPV or two, I love seeing them do PPVs but hey, if it's losing them too much money, I'd rather see them take on more PPVs in 2016 when the fanbase should be coming back.

    I don't really like the ONO PPVs that much unless they do cool match types with quite a few returning wrestlers... and of course, the crowd has to be good. The Impact Zone ONO PPVs from last year were so bad in terms of crowd, hopefully this year's ones will be decent.
  5. Do these ONO PPVs really sell that much? They really don't feel like they would make a lot of money (just speculation, never seen the numbers).
  6. So, only 2 PPVs? Guess we're back in the 80's. It's better than nothing, I believe.

    Glad they're keeping the ONO stuff, though.
  7. Smart plans for TNA in reality.. I'd like to see the promotion continue through this year and if the results monetary wise look similar to the last two years I imagine they would definitely consider to actually close the doors.
  8. TNA will not close doors as long as they have a TV contract, and in this case it's at least a two-year contract with DA, so TNA will still be in business for a long time (hey haters :emoji_grin:).

    My guess is ONOs probably do a few thousand buys on average. Some do better, some do worse, but my estimated average is around 2000-3000.
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  9. Oh really? Didn't know it was a 2 year contract.
  10. Hm. Well, I would guess something of that nature as well myself, I wonder if they do bring some good income. I mean, they can't be spending much less than they would for regular PPV as far as talent pay, maybe they break even with those due to lower production costs or something?
  11. I believe they make a profit, it would be silly to do it if they don't make any sort of profit.
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  12. Yes, I do assume they make a profit, I just can't figure out how. :dawg:
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