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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Snowman, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. A look at the 2015 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award winners

    Thoughts? :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Came for lots of Conor, leaves satisfied. Conor is better at pro wrestling than pro wrestling right now.

    Brock got fucked as well. Idgaf about # of matches, he is the most must see thing in wrestling and we all know it.
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  3. [​IMG]


    Your winner: BROCK, LESNARRRR - WrasslorMonkey's Wrestling With Text
  4. seriously I was a little surprised to not see him win Box Office Draw of the Year - well ARousey is (well, was) a little untouchable in that regard, but WWE sold an entire show on "HEY! LESNAR! COME ON! BROCK LESNAR! BUY NOW!" and it was their second most watched show IIRC, because Brock killin' dudes >>>>>

    Hell from a overall performance standpoint, he had a shit match with the Big Show (not his fault), 3 possible MOTYCs (the Rumble classic, HIAC, and the Mania ME), the awesome spectacle with Kofi, and a quality Summerslam ME. Nobody has that kind of track record. In the mainstream at least Lesnar was easily Wrestler of the Year, I'd put him over Balor or Lethal or Rollins or EC3 for sure
  5. I'm cool with this.
  6. Dave is so fucking salty that Charlotte and McGregor didn't win every single award. It's fucking comical.
  7. Dave is a geek
  8. Also UFC should win most disgusting promotional tactic for signing CM Punk to a fucking contract. Scumbags.
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  9. Kane most overrated? When the fuck was the last time Kane even got a huge pop? Most disliked I can see, but not overrated.

    People still like the Young Bucks? Horrible.
    Dude still hasn't had his first match yet, piece of shit. He's better off pleasing those Marvel nerds.
  10. "overrated" and "underrated" categories are essentially over and underpushed. Kane was in the main event picture most of the year from what I understand and he sucks therefore he is overrated.
  11. I don't understand why UFC is on the list.

    Also LOL at the fact that WWE dominated the most overrated list
  12. Dave is a UFC mark. It's that simple.
  13. because the UFC is way more pro wrestling than it is sport. Pretty much literally the only difference is determined outcomes vs actual shoot fighting.
  14. I wouldn't vote Kane "most overrated" since... The weird thing with Kane was that even though he didn't wrestle many main events, he was the story of many of them. Like at the fatal 4 way at Payback, Kane - at ringside - had to help Seth (who he hated) win to keep his job, and while he helped on behalf of Seth, he was taken out halfway through and Seth won semi-clean... and Michael Cole right after the bell yelled "This means tonight we learned exactly which side Kane is on!" and I was like "NO FUCKFACE ROLLINS RETAINS NOBODY CARES ABOUT KANE"

    Michael Cole almost could have won worst announcer for that line alone. Almost.

    Think one of the lessons WWE learned this year is that there's a point where you just do too much damage to someone. There were SEVERAL guys doing the best work they've done in a while this year - like Sheamus lately, he's been a lot better in this role than he has been practically ever (outside of his midcard babyface run where he just had hoss fights with Luke Harper every week) and absolutely nobody cares about Sheamus in 2016, we all kinda agreed Kane playing a second-rate Joseph Park was pretty good stuff, but damn after a year of build and Authority garbage that feud died SUCH a death. Hell look at Roman Reigns, he had a pretty spectacular 2015 for match quality, and look at how we're feeling going into the Royal Rumble this year. Even Big Show... nah, not really

    Anyway the one winner I disagree with - and can't really argue since I haven't watched much of their promotions - is Young Bucks for tag team. Not a Single vote for the Unlikely Trio? Really? Guess because Snow's transitioned purely from the workrate mark I used to be to more of an emotion mark, but they were SO GREAT. Also the New Day trying to salvage Raw for so long before they fell to the wayside as well. Hell I'd take Jordan and Gable over YB and their series of "NJPW openers" Also no votes for Sandow for Most Underrated after he was the top face going into Mania.

    Speaking of such, to the 9 people who gave Worst Show votes to Lucha Underground: :finger:

    So after hearing Stop I listened to Dave's podcast about the awards, and I HOWLED with laughter when he was discussing how Bayley and Sasha certainly wasn't a top-10 MOTY. Fuck outta here, dude. Again, didn't see any NJPW or ROH besides Final Battle and WK9 - should watch more after seeing 5-6 spectacular matches on those (and a bunch of "solid" stuff), and even without that there were the early matches with the NXT Six (or largely any combination of Owens/Zayn/Balor/Breeze/Neville, less so Itami), the Owens/Cena trilogy, the Cena/Cesaro stuff, Owens/Ziggler, Sasha/Becky, the women's fatal 4 way, Joe/Ciampa, Joe/Balor, Asuka/Emma, any Brock Lesnar match - especially the Rumble one, DB/Rollins, DB/Reigns, probably a few more Reigns matches (thought he had the MOTN on several big PPVs this year), throw Ethan/Spud in there and about 30 Lucha Underground matches, where to even begin... There's a lot of good wrestling matches I can just rattle off the top of my head this year (few from the main roster but meh) and that developmental women's match in Brooklyn topped them all pretty easily IMO, which still blows my mind. Meltzer can shove his star ratings up his ass.

    Also for anything to beat out the 2015 Rumble for WMOTY was sad. Gotta see that Triplemania show for posterity's sake.
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  15. Boxing has been doing "pro wrestling" style promotions for ages as well, even going back before the time of Ali. Guys trash talk, exaggerate beefs, and sometimes even admit to the media they're merely playing characters to get people hyped up about the fight. Nearly all of the great rivalries in combat sports have a clear Protagonist vs Antagonist, no different than pro wrestling.
  16. Ok. Boxing doesn't have one promotion that would qualify them like the UFC that holds 99% of the top mma fighters under one brand. And sure, some boxers sell fights with their mouths but nothing like the UFC that blatantly rips pro wrestling to sell fights. Also if boxing had any characters worth a fuck they may get a mention for best interview or charismatic? I don't know that it is against the rules.
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  17. Shit with MMA now you see guys wanting to fight the best talkers instead of the best opponents. Conor running his mouth = more buys for your show = more money
  18. Conor is the best talker and fighter tho
  19. Well I just suck at giving examples though, you know that
  20. Chael is a better example. He was a relatively boring grappler who sold fights exclusively with brilliant trash talk. Conor inside the cage is actually a spectacle in addition to his sharpe tongue.
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