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  1. Why does anyone want Brock Osweiller??

  2. Two words: Matt Flynn
  3. whoa Denver offered him 3 years 45 mil. lol after Bradford got 18 mil/Cousins got 20 mil/Flacco got 24 mil I bet Osweiler will get half of the city of Houston
  4. My dick so hard when the Raiders sign Malik Jackson

    dat front 7 once we get Aldon back GG league

    Mack/Jackson/Aldon/Edwards Jr/Dan Williams/Malcolm Smith

    we just need to find a MLB
  5. Mario Williams visiting the Dolphins..... WHY?! Offensive line not defensive line!

    I wish we could've snatched Josh Norman but then Carolina slapped the franchise tag on him.... DAMMIT! Maybe we can pick up Leodis McKelvin or Brandon Carr.

    Greg Jennings is gone from the Dolphins and should actually retire from playing football, period.

    Where is Arian Foster going to land?
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  6. Selfishly I enjoy Kevin's rants and bringing some damn FIYAH to this place, so I'll take a little inspiration from this.

    You. Idiots. You had ALL the leverage. You assclowns gave Flacco this fluke ass contract 3 years ago KNOWING you were going to have to negotiate. Hell, you set it up that way, "we can safely cut him after year 3 when he's way too damn expensive". So now you finally get him to the meeting table at the 11th hour and NEVER even say anything about "We'll cut Flacco if he doesn't negotiate a new deal" like you friggin' should have. If he didn't want to play ball after this lousy ass last season he had when the offense was statistically better with MATT FUCKING SCHAUB at QB then what are you waiting for?... So of course you try to play ball on his field and after THREE YEARS to negotiate you found a way to cut $4 million of his unmanagable cap number and pay him even MORE MONEY. GREAT JOB MORONS. But hey, that's enough to sign Trent Richardson apparently. Good. Bring him in, we can use the offensive guard depth. "We're looking for a way to retain Osemele" Well it's hard to look when your head's shoved up your own ass, even after cutting Daryl Smith to afford the 35th ranked QB last year we can barely afford our own draft picks, not that they matter anyway because, I don't know if you've noticed this, but somehow we draft about as well as the Browns do. In Ozzie We Trust to blow another 2nd round pick on a bummy ass oversized linebacker who can be a mediocre run-stuffer and provide nothing that actually matters. Great. Hey, here's a thought, why not cut a guy from our secondary that blows so much ass lately? Why are we still trying to make Lardarius Webb a thing in 2016? "He'll be better at safety! We have a whole game of evidence for this!" Fuck outta here!

    Secretly this team is in rough shape. Sure the WRs may wind up rosey and Triple S plays like he's 28 again and Breshad Perriman is this uncoverable physical specimen and Kamar makes tough catches for first downs, or Smith is done, Perriman is the Al Davis pick nobody wants to say and Kamar/Flacco stay off the same page. Literally every position group is like this. But hey, we have the best kicker in the NFL! Woohoo Tucker! Yay!


    anyway Peyton officially retired
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  7. :gtfo: Peyton Manning. Jabroni.
  8. No Fun League :finger:
  9. NFLN is reporting the Phins are trying to trade for Byron Maxwell. :harvey:

    It's not happening, but my goodness...
  10. Lolphins

    Tits trade for Murray as well. Iggles undoing Chips moves as GM lol
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    Congrats to the 69ers for winning the Worst Offseason Award for the 2nd year in a row! :yay:

    Have fun with Chip Kelly ya morons. Or just have Baalke keep personnel control. Pick your poison

    congrats Nashville, you're relevant for 15 minutes haha

    Raiders put a huge offer in on Osemele, want Chris Ivory, talking to Donald Penn

    Phins LOVE them some Pacman Jones (HOW CAN THEY AFFORD THESE GUYS), RFA Brandon Marshall the LB, Adrian Clayborn... Miami's GM is that guy who plays as Captain Falcon on his first day playing Smash Bros. "What do you mean there's 10 other buttons? All I have to do is hit B, Falconnnnn Punch! Falconnnnn Punch! Such power! Much wow! I can beat anyone, just mash b, b, B!"

    Ravens gonna lose Osemele because WE ARE FUCKING DUMB

    Are there any other teams in the thread? Who else was... Really how do the Bears have 50 mil in cap room and the lead name for them is Patrick Robinson lol. Bears to have the GOAT slot corner tandem
  12. Not sure I like spending 10m+ on a guard
  13. I don't think Chip Kelly is as bad as people make him out to be. Well actually, I take that back, as a GM he's pretty bad but not a a coach. I just don't buy him as being the worst human being in the NFL who should never be hired.
  14. I'm on the fence about Chip. I was all in on him early, and went full hater after the swagless DeSean cut. That pissed me off so bad.

    I think he is an OK coach, far from the worst, but I wonder if his bad qualities outweigh his offensive coaching abilities. He is probably destined to go back to Oregon or be a lifelong OC after he is inevitably fired by the terrible owners in Chipa Clara
  15. I know teams going HAM in free agency generally isn't the recipe for success.. but if we could get any combo of these players I would be thrilled:

    Malik Jackson
    Sean Smith
    Eric Weddle

    Best part is they all seem interested. Eric Weddle is even dumb enough that he called us "contenders" in a round about way.
  16. You already know I'm NO Chip fan at all, but if the 49ers had the ghost of Bill Walsh, Tom Landry, Vince Lombardi and Bill Belichick on their coaching staff, they'd get canned after 3 years with that roster lol.

    If the plan is to rebuild Kaep or develop Goff you can do a whole lot worse than Chip. Otherwise you're just hiring a guy to fire him anyway, so Chip gets another NFL payday and if he fails nobody will hold it against him lol. Win/win in a weird way

    Probably a stretch to say "contenders" but assuming you beef that defense up, where do you rank Oakland in a AFC power ranking at this point?
  17. Comfortably behind KC and DEN in the division still.

  18. Snow any info on this guy at G compared to T? Not sure if we plan on having him play RG or LT..
  19. Goodbye Megatron.. it was great watching you play.
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