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    Looks like they're bring back Backlash and No Mercy. Also, another Roadblock which really doesn't make sense?
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  2. Still don't believe it. Reeks of fantasy booking.
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  3. If CoC is RAW only, would it mean US v WWEWHC in the ME? Rusev headlining a PPV, let's go.
  4. It'll be a RAW-exclusive PPV (the one in March was a house show/Network exclusive).

    Although, if they're going to have another Roadblock at the end of the year, then they should've called it differently, like Uprising or something.
  5. :bitw:
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  6. Always loved the vibe of Backlash and No Mercy. It just won't be the same without the dope stage set ups tho :sad1:
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  7. Glad you noticed what I did there. :nakamura2:
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  8. How are PPV names fantasy booking? Anyways, Clash of Champions has been confirmed on WWE.com
  9. Source/link?

    Tickets still being promoted under Night of Champions.
  10. Cool Smackdown gets the better PPV names.
  11. I fuck with this schedule big time though.
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  12. Roadblock does make sense, it is blocking the Road To Wrestlemania if you think about it. Starts at the rumble.
  13. Everything from Payback to TLC is blocking the Road to WrestleMania. Roadblock in March actually makes sense because it's the last major event before WrestleMania. Roadblock in December is the last major event before the next 3 major events before WrestleMania.
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  14. Agreed.

    Uprising is what they should call that Roadblock in December. :nakamura2:
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  15. Christmas Chaos would be a better name for the late December pay per view
  16. Way too NWA. And It's an OVW show.
  17. This guy seems to have nailed it. He's legit.

    As announced on this week's SmackDown. The first PPV after SummerSlam is a SmackDown-exclusive and it's Backlash, indeed.
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