Football 2017-2018 football season thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stopspot, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. My friends... IT'S TIME!

    The beautiful game is back. The big leagues are kicking off and we're set for 10 months of fun, agony, passion and joy.

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  2. Been though every emotion watching that game:fact: we got the win but damn still same old arsenal when it comes to defence and leadership, despite some very good attacking play.
  3. Seems like Liverpool copied your playbook
  4. So did those scumbags Chelski except we won. Been a good opening weekend. Nice attacking play but shoddy defensive work from the big guns. Strange that Morata was a sub
  5. That went well.

    (United fan)
  6. Nice to have 3 points on the tally for Tottenham. Newcastle came in hot out of the gate but it petered out further into the first half, and once Shelvey got a straight red for being Jonjo Shelvey the end result was inevitable.

    Shout out to Kyle Walker-Peters who not only got his PL debut, but MOTM as well. Big day for the boy.

    Seems like Kane's August curse is holding so far. Giving the other strikers a sporting chance.

    Next up, Chelsea. Bring it on!
  7. Might even beat chelsea,they cannot win at Wembley as well.

  8. Spurs breaks their transfer silence by breaking the bank for a new center back.
  9. Been a bit hit and miss for Celtic so far, good to see Paddy Roberts back for another season. The 1-1 draw with St Johnstone was a nail biter, and I can't help but feel like we were missing something. Hopefully Roberts will fill that void and we can get back to looking like the invincibles again. Tough group in the champions league too, will be a real struggle to even finish third
  10. This phone is a piece of shit, sorry. It seems to occasionally post things more than once.
  11. Thread revival.

    Spurs beat Huddersfield 0-4 at the John Smith stadium today. Topping off a nice week with a third straight win in a week (West Ham 2-3, APOEL Nicosa 0-3 and now 0-4 vs Huddersfield).
    Harry Kane tops off September by scoring 13 in all competitions. And Moussa Sissoko and Ben Davies also got on the score sheet. This was Sissoko's first goal for Spurs and it tops off a series of solid appearances for Sissoko. Who has pulled himself together following a bad first season to become a solid rotation/squad player.
  12. We're still unbeaten, that's 58 now, funny how we hit 55 before Rangers....:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  13. Good team goal finished off nicely by Davis. Man city still the team to beat despite how they got where they are, the actual quality of their game is a joy to watch. Clean sheet for my boys. Only saw the highlights so hard to pick out any real player to have a really good game. Pleased with how the new signings have settled in especially Kolasinac, we have needed someone with his power and strength and all round command. absolute beast. on a freebie as well.
  14. You guys have gone unbeaten since you unloaded the Ox. Ironically Liverpool have yet to play a convincing game since buying the Ox.

    Pressure is getting to the bespectacled psychopath at Anfield.
  15. Harry Winks has been promoted from the England youth team to the full on national team following Phil Jones and Fabian Delph withdrawing.

    Hup young Harry! The Pochettino production line for the England team is getting downright silly.
  16. Made me laugh someone on a arsenal forum said we should of added walcot as part of the deal for the extra 5 mil :bray:
    Nothing against the ox but I really did not see any end product in him and was gobsmacked they went for him, think they got him partly because of the English quota thing. He was actually starting games for us.

    Same old problems with liverpool defence and holding their nerve. Hopefully they can continue it for my sides sake in getting top 4.
  17. Ox is the picture perfect highlight reel player. Does enough small things to look good. But watch him for 90 minutes and you clearly see a guy who has been taught fuck all about playing to his strengths
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  18. Thank god the international break is over, let's do the proper stuff! Congrats to panama for reaching the world cup for the first time. USA not getting their is a surprise, no Chile as well.
  19. Surprisingly Holland didn't make it as well, which is a shame, they're quite interesting to watch.
  20. Yeah forgot about them, I suppose they do not have the quality of players they have been blessed with before apart from Robben. I cannot really name their squad in all honesty, which says a lot about dutch footie at the moment
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