2017 HOF who's going in

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  1. I say King Kong Bundy should be in by now
  2. Don't you mean HOF 2018?

    IMO Davey Boy Smith, Brian Pillman, Batista, Demolition, RVD...
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  3. The Midnight Express is probably likely with the Rock N Roll Express going in last year and Cornette coming back in so long.
  4. That is what I meant lol..... hopefully that can be fixed

    Bulldog is long overdue to go in... both as an individual and a tag team also agree with all of your other picks.

    Is Vader in yet?
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  5. Good call
  6. No he is not, but he should be...
  7. Dudleyz, christian, batista, vader, rvd, just some names that come to mind for me
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    RVD, The Dudleyz, Batista, Mark Henry, and Undertaker
  9. William/Steven Regal. The man can beat the piss out of you while also making you tap out like a bitch, Very underrated in the early 2010s, i enjoyed the funny stuff as GM, Taijiri, and he's an amazing wrestler with a great career. Seeing as he's mainly NXT GM, and that's it, why not put him in?
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  10. Really early to call anything but can't really disagree with all the names already mentioned above...

    If I were to dare a guess, I think Vader is a lock for 2018....

    Bettter question, who do you guys think headlines the 2018 HOF?
  11. Taker, probably.
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  12. how come nobody mentioned Goldberg yet? I mean, I might be influenced by the fact that I just watched his WWE24 episode but apparently he called it quits after Mania 33 and had a great ending to his comeback/career as a whole, so I could totally see him headline the HOF this year
  13. I doubt Vader or Demolition will get in any time soon.
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