21 Questions

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  1. This will end up being over 21 questions...
    Or it will end up off topic, either way...

    Post a question, can be any question, and the user below you has to answer it truthfully.
    After they answer, they then post a new question for the next user.

    I'll start it off...

    How tall are you?
  2. 5ft 1

    Who is your celebrity crush?
  3. Could you love me in a bentley, Could you love me on a bus? Ill ask 21 questions....
  4. Phill Brooks :pity:

    Where did you grow up?
  5. Bury, Greater Manchester.

    What is your favourite film?
  6. 5 foot 1 inch? Holy fuck you're tiny.


    Die Hard 4, seen it 17 times.

    Bang Kharma or Chyna? :dawg:
  7. Yeah I'm tiny!


    DB or Punk?
  8. I thought I was small at 5ft 9...

    Bryan :obama:

    AM or RHCP
  9. RHCP.

    Blue or Red?
  10. Blue

    Travel by air or sea?
  11. Air

    Aliens yes or no?
  12. Sea

    Biggest pet Peeve
  13. Yes ( i hope)

    Biggest Pet Peeve
  14. People sucking and licking their fingers while they eat. :eww:

    Biggest fear?
  15. Buried or burnt alive.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Great or Naf?
  16. Buffy!

    CenTon or Codiase?
  17. CenTon

    DBZ or Bleach?
  18. Bleach

    Terminator or RoboCop
  19. Terminator

    Boxers or briefs (men)
    Thongs or granny panties(women)
  20. Boxers
    Anal beads or pickaxe
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