23/12 SmackDown/NXT/Superstars Spoilers

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  1. Great. Big Slow vs Henry yet again tonight -.-. Anyone smelling Big Show destroying him for heel turn?
    Will be updating these through when I get them.
  2. Tyson Kidd and Alex Riley won matches?


    Who won the Ryder / Cody Match? Show's babyface still aswell as he knocked out Otunga sadly. The Miz held teddy hostage sounds fun tbh, I wish this could have been a Sheamus / Miz feud but sadly he's basically just going to keep beating random people. Hopefully when Christian gets back they can have a proper feud not Christian jobs and jobs and then jobs a little bit more. Barrett getting mic time is always good. Orton will probably interrupt sadly.

    The rest of the spoilers here :
    Epico vs. Kofi Kingston is up next.

    Back to Orton and Barrett, who are fighting in the parking lot. Orton had flipped Barrett over the railing, which caused him to kick a cameraman's camera, which is why the feed was lost.

    Kofi Kingston defeated Epico after hitting the Trouble In Paradise.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler is up next.

    Bryan vs. Ziggler is in process. During the match, Jack Swagger came to ringside. The Big Show was out a little later to even the odds. Teddy Long comes out as Show attempted to chokeslam Swagger. Long turns the match into a tag match with Swagger and Ziggler facing Show and Bryan.

    Daniel Bryan and Big Show defeated Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger and Swagger submitted to the LeBell Lock. Bryan celebrated after the match as Big Show looked on. Show is on the ramp staring at Bryan celebrating as the show goes off the air.
  3. Sorry for not finishing them off. Internet completely died on me -.-.

    I'll try fetch that match result for you now. I'm pissed off that Sheamus went over Miz.
  4. How did you fathom a Show/Henry match? It never happened because he's legit. injured.
    I can guarantee Big Show will get the first rematch because Henry is injured.
  5. Forgot to mention this before, but I swear WWE read one of my posts. I was only saying yesterday that SmackDown and WWE in general need to make those one on one feuds better, and I used Barret v Orton as an example. After reading the spoilers, that sounds like an epic segment. Continuous parking lot fight scenes with the camera losing its feed. That's great.
  6. Just found these fan videos from smackdown for anyone who wants a sneak peek so to say. The quality isn't great but it's watchable.

    It won't embed them for some reason.

    credit : http://www.wrestlingforum.com/smackdown/592010-23-12-smackdown-nxt-superstars-spoilers-amateur-video.html
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  8. I just said I found them never said I uploaded them or anything. I was sharing them with another forum admittedly I should have put in credit but I forgot tbh.
    So i've added it in now.
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