News 24/7 title changes aren’t even televised now (UPDATED)

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It was the hottest thing in WWE this summer, and supposedly designed by USA to help ratings. Now it’s an online exclusive... at best.

R-Truth, who is now a 22 time 48/7 European TV champ after doing his best Dr. Austin impersonation last night in Boston, is still trying. The Singhs always commit to whatever they’re given.

But this pretty much feels like where the 24/7 title scene belongs now...

We did see Truth, Sunil, Samir and a referee briefly before Erick Rowan’s match on Raw last night (Nov. 18). And there was always a big online component to the gimmick.

But... yeah. Where is your interest in the 24/7 championship these days, Cagesiders?

UPDATE: Truth’s been jobbed out to a valued office employee, apparently.

I’ve always said @WWE’s greatest asset is our talent. In-ring, production and the various departments at HQ. At today’s Town Hall, Mike made history as the FIRST employee to hold the 24/7 Championship and get #ThePoint.

— Triple H (@TripleH) November 19, 2019
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