26/01/12 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Arrow, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Match crad coming soon.. PM me for a PC friendly link.

  2. Is this honestly the first outing of TNA? Didn't think TNA was on Thursday nights :O
  3. Yeah, the first TNA airing global wise is aired tonight.

    That's why all the websites are streaming it lol @[Crayo]
  4. on this now despite being up in 6 hours! lol
  5. Debating with myself whether to watch it.
  6. Decided Im going to. Lol @ backstage fight.
  7. @[Crayo] @[RKO] 3 of us on this then!
  8. Lasted too long that did. They had so many good props around them and they only used a table, a random piece of crap, a plank of wood and a fence. Lol at sting with his bat.
  9. Yeah ol Stinger... Just wouldn't be the same without him though.
  10. My god Velvet Sky turns me the hell on.
  11. Damn Crayo, Tara is pretty hott too. Just sayin.
  12. mickie james

  13. @[Cloud], remember when Mickie kissed Trish Stratus under the mistletoe?? I wonder if that was Kayfabe or not.. lmao
  14. Tara... omg.
  15. Divas match opening a show, man, you get used to WWE after a while.
  16. I wonder if we'll see seabs in this show?? rofl :rofl:
  17. loved that segment i miss mickie james in WWE!

    should get her an gail kim back give TNA alicia an kelly kelly!
  18. Holding up a WF sign, imagine!
  19. Still drooling over Tara.
  20. sloppy ringwork so far, kinda disappointed.