26/3/12 Raw (youtube alternative)

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  1. Enjoy people


    I have YT links but there is too many uploaders:bury:
  2. I don't see why people would want to watch it on ad-filled site though.
  3. Same as Crayo thanks for the share anyway.
  4. Just click the X's and its add free and some people just dont like youtube, i would share YT links but then people would have a go saying there are too many uploaders?
  5. There's never too many uploaders (if you're uploading them yourself).
  6. Yeah more YT uploaders = more people seeing wweforums in the description = more moniez for Crayo.
  7. Correction: More users here. GODSAKESEABS BE A STAR.
  8. Yeah I will upload it to Youtube then?
  9. Yeah sure, just put something like this in the description :
    Are you a "passionate" WWE Fan? Would you like to discuss the recent WWE happenings? Would you like to download or watch WWE shows/PPVs that you've missed? For all the discussions and videos, go to WWEForums.net.

    Register Now: your ref

    (Stole from hoss' video like a baws)
  10. Ok is there an intro that goes before my video?
  11. Yeah seabs made one, PM him :emoji_slight_smile:
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