2K "freaking" that Steph gave away game cover

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Knowing who the cover guy is never affects whether I want the game or not.
  2. It's okay I can understand 2k wanting it to be a surprise but meh..
  3. Silly Steph.
  4. It's just a game cover...
  5. Stupid Steph.
  6. There women go ruining wrestling shit again.
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  7. It's only a cover but the cover make the people get interest in the game...
  8. What fucking difference does it make lmao. Steph >> 2k
  9. It not she show the cover of what it look like just told who was going to be on it! I don't see a probalm in that. Either way it still a supiased since we don't know what it look like yet!?
  10. The Rock on the cover? :meh:
  11. Only 4 times per year. And via satellite.
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  12. You can only play as the Rock 3 times a year. :dawg:
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  13. Taker, Brock, or Dolph would have been nice as the 2K14 cover. Dolph in the sig on the forum where hes on his knees with the title would be a nice cover imo
  15. I think the real reason they're freaking out is because Steph isn't in the kitchen.
  16. Meh, the cover is irrelevant. Hoping our surprise this year is a good game then.
  17. it's a lot of attention for the 2k company. I'd be pissed if some bitch posted shit she wasn't supposed to, also. Even her.
  18. You can just tell that 2K has a lot of big changes planned for the game when their idea of a major reveal is the freakin' cover star. Seriously, getting upset over something this minor is completely idiotic. You still got Rock to promote it, and if you planned to have him on Raw to promote it then chances are you already had that detailed worked out with WWE. So exactly, what is the problem with people learning earlier?
  19. It's bad business, and this is their first year together. It says a lot about the professional relationship the WWE has with 2k.
  20. I really can't understand how this is bad business. I don't think their sales are going to be affected by when people find out Rock is on the cover. It's not a big deal, they still have Rock promoting the game and that was the main thing about it. Conversation about the game was still generated through Stephanie announcing which is a good thing. Hell, we got four pages on it here (I don't know how, it's just the cover of the game).

    I mean yeah, it doesn't show that WWE & 2K have the best understanding of each other right now (and they obviously weren't going to so early on) but I can't see the reason to throw a fit over something that isn't going to affect sales at all. As long as people know Rock is the cover star, why does it matter when they learned? It's not like some big game mode/change that you'd save for some big gaming convention like EA.

    And I'm not trying to say that I don't understand why they're upset that it got revealed early. But to "freak out" over something insignificant like this is just stupid. This isn't a big deal, at all.
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