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    This is the thread where the shows for BreakDown! and RAW is COLE will be posted, any discussion can be done in the general thread, aswell as the reviews for each show, RAW is COLE must go first before BreakDown! and there is 4 weeks before a PPV (5 in some cases).

    PPV Schedule -
    January: Royal Rumble (Both brands)
    February: Extreme Rules (RAW is COLE), Fastlane (breakDOWN!)
    March: Wrestlemania (Both brands)
    April: Elimination Chamber (Both brands)
    May: Payback (RAW is COLE), Backlash (breakDOWN!)
    June: Money in the Bank (Both brands)
    July: Armageddon (RAW is COLE), Battleground (breakDOWN!)
    August: Summerslam (Both brands)
    September: Clash of the Champions (Both brands)
    October: Survivor Series (Both brands)
    November: Roadblock (RAW is COLE), No Mercy (breakDOWN!)
    December: Bragging Rights (Both brands)

    Show Layout - Can customise to add music and other things if wanted.

    Match *
    Winner -
    Key Points -

    Segment *
    Info -
    Key Points -

    BreakDown! - 5 Matches, 4 Segments.
    RAW is COLE - Same as BreakDown but with 3 extra matches/segments.

    Current Champions (open)

    WWE World Champion - Dean Ambrose. (RAW is COLE)
    WWE Cruiserweight Champion - Vacant. (RAW is COLE)
    WWE Universal Champion - Vacant. (BreakDOWN!)
    WWE Intercontinental Champion - The Miz. (BreakDOWN!)
    WWE United States Champion - Rusev. (BreakDOWN!)
    WWE Tag Team Champions - The New Day. (Both)
    WWE Womens Champion - Charlotte. (Both)
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  3. I made threads for RAW is COLE and breakDOWN!
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