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  1. As you all know by now, I'm not going to be running the next league. I've been looking for someone else to run the league because I didn't want to just ditch the league and let someone else figure out what to do. My main two people who have brought the most ideas in and people I trust most with running the league next year are @Jet Starr and @Emo. I've seen most of their ideas and i'm gunna put them down here just so everyone knows what they would like to do:

    Emo's ideas
    1. X-Division Championship will be instated as a belt that will only be competed for in multi-man matches (it will also replace both the Intercontinental Championship as well as the Iron Man Championship). It is a belt that if you retain it on 4 occasions, you will be able to surrender it for a shot at the World Championship, speaking of which, the belt will only be required to be defended twice a month (once on a regular show once on ppv). Also, at least one member of the match will be the league runner's pick, but it is possible that there will be no sign-ups at all.
    2. The World Champion will carry over into the next game year, unless the champion decides to change characters (the other belts will to, it just wouldn't apply to this year since the belts are being changed). However, there will still be a tournament, but now it will decide the number one contender(s) at the first PPV (and the runner ups will be thrown into the X-Division title match).
    3. The Feast or Fired event will no longer be a thing. Instead, I look to incorporate the King of the Ring tournament (which will culminate at the ppv prior to SummerSlam), in which the winner will retain the title of King of the Ring for the rest of the game year, as well as receive a shot at the World Championship at SummerSlam.
    4. In order to earn shots at the World Championship, I will focus not only on victories, but promo effort. It isn't right for someone who puts no effort into their promos to get a shot at the World Championship.
    5. Sign-Ups for the league will begin the week after WWE'2K17 comes out, and should we get at least 12 sign-ups by the end of October, then I plan to start the league up in November. I feel that waiting until January allows people to really get burnt out on the game before the league even starts. So maybe starting the league earlier will be able to keep the appeal going.
    6. Finally, though I said that a third belt just hasn't seemed to work for Exodus, should there be a noticeable amount of tag teams in '2K17, then I will have a tournament for a tag team championship.

    • EIF starts 2 weeks after the game comes out every year. We typically copy and paste the rules from the previous year, and edit them as needed. Now, I definitely think that 3 weeks is plenty of time to be able to do the same thing with Exodus. And it's not like should something come up, I wouldn't be capable of changing the rules then.
      My goal here is to try to have more than 8 people active in the league the whole year through. In EIF, we have at least 15-20 people active in the league the whole year around, and we always double that during the summer. That is something I want for this league, and I feel that starting it earlier while people are still hyped for the game is the best way to accomplish that.
    Jet's ideas
    1. Change the name of the show to Ignition instead of Exodus.
    2. Changing the WHC to the Universal Championship.
    3. Drop the Iron Man Championship and bring in a womans division.
    4. Allow people to sign up to the league as managers.
    5. Feast or Fired to be reworked.
    6. The school will be brought back.
    7. Contenders for belts will be decided on a ranking system. Also based on "character, promo writing, style of play, how good at the game you are, how you behave on the forum in and out of the league".
    8. Championships will still be vacated at the end of the year but former champions will be given the first shot at the belt in the new league.
    9. The ranking system will help with how you are booked and what belts you can go after.
    (Jet's ideas are a lot less detailed because i'm writing up the small facts I know about them, whereas I just copied Emos post. I'm sure Jet can elaborate if needed)

    My main concern right now is a personal one. I built up this league over 3 years and want it to go to the right person and I dont want it to fall flat or die. At the same time, I don't want the league to be "too different" so it doesn't feel like the leagues that we've all been a part of these past few years.

    There's bits I like and dislike of both peoples ideas. I'll start with Emo's ideas.

    What I like:
    • The KOTR tournament. Having a KOTR in the league would be fun, especially with the added bonus of getting a title shot at a big PPV.
    • People getting shots at belts based on promo effort. I'm half conflicted with this and this is an idea Jet sorta shares. There needs to be some middle ground which I dont see. If someone gets 5 wins in a row but has terrible promos, but theres someone who gets 3 wins out of 5 but with some of the best promos, how do you solve the issue there?
    • The idea of the X-Division title. This is more of a like and dislike, so let me explain. Because of the smaller roster we have had since moving over to this site, it's already difficult enough to pick people to challenge for two belts. Having a multiman title would be good, but I have a feeling it'll quickly fall into the trap of the Iron Man and Hardcore titles where people become less and less interested. Especially since having 4 way matches are hard enough to win as it is, having to defend that belt is just going to be stressful more than anything else. Then there's finding 3 challengers for it constantly, it'll be tough.
    What I dislike:
    • Feast or Fired no longer being a thing. Personal bias but I liked that PPV. We've just always had sore winners.
    • Sign ups starting the week after the game is released. A lot of people will be getting the game for Christmas, and even with the wait to see if we can get enough members, having time to mess around with the game enough to sort out good rules that can make the game fair will be rushed.
    Jet's ideas
    What I like:
    • The ranking system. I'm more intrigued by how this will work more than anything else, but if it helps with booking and deciding challengers, it can only be a good thing. I wouldn't mind knowing more about how it actually works.
    • Bit of a like and dislike here; Championships still being vacated at the end of the year I like, but champions getting first shot next year i'm kinda "hmm" about. Each game is different, someone could be terrible by the next game, should they get an instant shot just for being the last champion? I dunno.
    • The school being brought back. Both a good and bad point. It needs reworked from what we used in the 2K15 league. It needs to be more user friendly and kept up to date. It cant be the same otherwise it'll just alienate people.
    What I dislike:
    • Changing the show name. Is it necessary? I feel like this is a change just for the sake of a change. Doesn't really change my opinion on anything since it's trivial, but yeah. Laying out my feelings on it.
    • Changing the WHC to the Universal Championship. Again, trivial and doesn't change much. But we've always used the WHC. It's the "Big prize" that's always been around. I like it for history sake and again don't see the need in the change. But again, that doesn't sway me too much.
    • Womans division. I just don't see this working. I think people will agree with me. If not, then whatever, it doesn't effect me too much since I won't be participating in a womans division either way.
    • Allowing people to sign up as managers. This isn't an E-Fed. I've liked the rule of only being able to sign up if you can play matches since it's a competitive league. If we start letting anyone in just to promo, these promo people will start doing more damage than good (in my opinion).
    I dont want this to seem like im bashing all changes because that's not the case. I see good and bad points to both, and i'm sure other ideas/ suggestions can also be made too.

    Since i'm not going to be running the league, here's some other ideas I had which I wouldn't mind seeing next year:
    • 4 weeks between each PPV, meaning less PPVs throughout the year. The league moves quickly. As a GM i've noticed how hard it is to decide new challengers after just 3 weeks between PPVs, especially if you want to name a challenger early so they can build up some story, it's hard. Giving an extra week between PPVs could help this.
    • Removal of the Iron Man Championship. 3 belts is too many. 2 is plenty. I don't think you should be able to drop the secondary title for a shot at the main title, but there needs to be some reason to go for the minor championship. Myself included I havent really been interested in the minor title, even if the IC title is my favourite looking belt. It FEELS like a minor title and that's what it is. It needs elevated somehow, and I don't know how.
    • More interaction. I don't know how to solve this one either, but at times it seems like 2 people will go off and do a full feud for a month and no-one will even know what's happened when it's over because they'll stick to themselves and no one gets involved. I'm not saying that you need a load of people in one feud, quite the opposite, there just needs to be more interaction so people are still in the loop. Maybe bring back match descriptions to solve this?
    • A better booking/contenders deciding system. This is where i'm curious about Jet's idea and want to hear more about it.
    • I don't want the GM to get lazy. I'll admit I have been these past few months, but i'm the first to admit i'm burned out and that's why I'm not going to run it next year. Whoever does takeover, I want them to stay for at least the full year before giving up. Leaving midway through the league will kill it. We cant have that.
    Anyway, those are my ideas. Both Emo and Jet are still the front runners and I more than likely will put both your names forward to run the league next year. Maybe a joint effort will be best, who knows?

    I want people to use this thread to suggest their own opinions for what they would like to change or what they would like to stay the same for next year.
    These are my opinions, they wont hold more power over anyone elses since I wont be in charge next year, I just wanted to put them out there just like everyone else will want their voices heard too.
  2. The only thing I have is that, like you I don't like seeing the IC title/ any other title as a stepping stone to the WHC. I say the appeal of the gold should be the reason to feud for the title and defend it if you're the champion. Rivalries and longer feuds help with that ofcourse. Just my 2 cents.
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  3. What I like

    1. The World Champion will carry over into the next game year. Jet basically has the same idea considering the last champion of the league before would have the first shot. I do find that a bit pointless since he could just still be champion and it would be more kayfabe friendly.

    2. The Ranking system. The league should focus both on how good you are and your promo skill. I don't want someone coming in with George style promos and becoming world champion.

    3. Tag Teams. I'm just saying yes to that since I'm doing it myself over at the PS league. It may fail, but maybe add something new to it?

    4. Name change. I'm not a fan of the current name. It basically means "a mass departure of people." And I couldn't see that being a wrestling show name. The name Jet has just feels more real for a wrestling show. I think this one time name change would work.

    5. Womans division. We never tried this and I want to see how it goes. I'm also doing this over at the PS league since I want to see how it would go.

    6. The school will be brought back. I like this. I don't think it should affect people in actually playing matches in the weekly shows though. Have it there to help people. Don't make it that shit requirement.

    7. The ranking system will help with how you are booked and what belts you can go after. Already said I liked this idea.

    What I dislike

    1. X-Division Championship. Really don't like this title. What's so wrong with the IC title? This is basically the Iron Man title version 2 since you can trade it for the World title and it's the second main title. I don't think the second main title should be dropped like that. Keep the IC title.

    2. King of the Ring tournament. Tournaments get boring. I don't want to work around another tournament once the first month's tournament is finished. Can work some sort of ladder match with the same idea.

    3. Signs ups starting right away. Terrible idea. We need time to sort out good rules and make sure everyone have their games. A lot of people will wait until Christmas and even then we should wait another week so they have a week worth of playing time. This is the idea I dislike the most.

    4. Allow people to sign up to the league as managers. What Yellow said.


    1. World title change. Don't really care about this one. Just make sure the title looks good :emoji_grin:

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    Since my ideas aren't laid out fully in Yellow's post, I'll post what I had in my PM with @TheFrostyBlur:
    (It's not the most organized post and it's only a fraction of my full ideas)
    "Well the one idea I want the most, is by far the largest, and is one I know has a small chance of working, but it would be to drop the third belt entirely and create an experimental women's division (official name pending). I'd also allow for people to sign up as managers but only if they have a client to sign up with and it is cleared beforehand. Both of the previously stated ideas are to bring more people into the league who may like playing as women or who may like the promo aspect more. Kayfabe and storylines will be emphasized more because while this league may be competitive, it's a roleplay league athe he end of the day, so this aspect should be more prevalent. Feast or Fired will be completely reworked and renamed as the current system has too much room for error. The school will be brought back on an as-needed basis. The rules in the league will be heavily edited and made more fair to everyone while also keeping the game fun. The way contenders for championships are decided will be based off of a ranking system of everyone involved in the league; they will be ranked on multiple things: character, promo writing, style of play, how good at the game you are, how you behave on the forum in and out of the league and a multitude of other things that I will keep to myself. Rematch clauses will be on a situational basis. Championship lineages (both active and defunct), league history, and possibly W/L records will be carried over every game year. At the end of every game year, championships will still be vacated, however the former champion will 100% be guaranteed a spot in the first world championship match of the game year, his opponent(s) will be decided based off of my ranking system over the first few weeks of the league. Back on the subject of the ranking system, it will also technically double as a hierarchy, in which where you are decides how you get booked/who you get booked with/what title you can go after. People can and will go up and down on a weekly basis just to keep things fresh and not repetitive. Rivalries will be focused on a whole lot more this year, so on top of signing up for matches, you can also get rivalries booked and focused on as a focal point of the show."

    "It (the ranking system) will be nothing like the Power 25 as wins are only a portion of the things going into it. An example of something else I'll rate on is the impact you make. Say a new guy comes in and completely wrecks a top guy or a champion in his first match and they deliver an amazing promo(s), then their stock in the league goes up on the ranking system."

    "Instead of it (Feast or Fired) being multiple ladder matches, it'll be a 6-man match. The first three people eliminated get nothing. Of the remaining three, the person who wins gets the world championship briefcase that functions like money in the bank and lasts until the next time this match happens (is tied to the character, not the forum user). Between the two eliminated from the final three, one is chosen randomly to get an I.C. Title shot anytime that game year only but must notify me in advance. The other is given a suspension for a set amount of time as opposed to being fired." (FoF will also be renamed)

    "I'm going to use the old I.C. Championship, from like 2006. (Mid-Card Championship)"
    "If the women's division kicks off, I'll use the old Women's Championship."
    To clarify, I will NOT be using the Universal Championship anymore, it'll either be the WCW World Championship or the Undisputed Championship (or I might make a custom title available for download) VISUALLY, but the name will be the "Ignition World Championship"

    The name is changing from "Exodus" simply because an exodus means something is leaving. It may SOUND like a badass name, but in the context of wrestling it makes no sense.

    I would still start the league in January/alongside the PS4 League, however I would begin signups in December.

    Something I didn't bring up with many people is that I also want to do joint match cards with the PS4 League, sort of like WWE's Big 4 joint PPV. My idea is to call them "I-P/Crossover: (insert subtitle here)".

    I would also allow references to other real world promotions, under the rule that your character cannot be from those promotions since they wouldn't have existed in the real world. However, other leagues can be mentioned.

    (Reply to this if you have any other questions)
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  5. This would only be in place this year simply because the championship is changing to a different title. Every subsequent game year the champ would carry over.
  6. [First, since everyone seems to be afraid of the idea of starting the league in November should we have enough sign-ups, then I guess I'll just scrap the idea. Moving on-]

    In all honesty, I do like the change of the name to Ignition, and therefore whether Jet and/or I run the league, I will guarantee that that change will be instituted. Exodus just isn't a good name (as accurate as the name may seem considering how often people tend to just disappear from the league). And also, I actually do agree with Jet on the idea of resetting the belt just one more time since we will be renaming the league. This will pretty much be the revamp of FCW into NXT, and therefore you kinda have to crown new champions. Moving into the future though, the ending champions will remain as long as the person who is champion keeps the same character.

    Also, I've been seeing a lot of hate for the X-Division Championship regarding the whole idea of it being a stepping stone championship. The reason why I decided to do that is because the World title is everyone's main focus, and therefore the minor championships just never seem to have much appeal behind it, because everyone wants the big belt. If people actually want to challenge it for the sake of holding it, then there is no point in the stepping stone rule. And if that rule is being dropped, then there is no requirement for the belt to be defended more than once a month (however I do think that on occasions the gold can be defended on a normal show). It also means that there would be no need in sign-ups to challenge for it at all.
    I do think there needs to be some gimmick attached to the title though, because otherwise it will just become irrellevant like the Intercontinental title has been for the past few years. First, the reason for why I chose the name X-Division is simply because of how fitting it is. Ignition will be the "Xbox Division" and therefore the name "X-Division" just fit for me. As for why I went with the 2 or more challengers rule is because defending against multiple challengers makes it a more challenging belt to keep. Therefore, if you are able to consistently retain the belt, you are showing just how dominant of a performer you really are (therefore making you a believable challenger for the World Championship after you lose the belt).

    Finally, I think we should have separate sign-ups when the league starts up. A sign up for men, a sign up for women, and a sign up for tag teams. If the time comes for the league to start up and we don't have enough sign-ups to have a tag and/or women's division, then we won't.
  7. By the way, here's the logo for "Ignition":
  8. I like it, though I would have thought it would have more green to it considering it is the Xbox League
  9. Theme Song Idea:
  10. I feel like just BECAUSE it's on Xbox, doesn't mean the logo has to have green in it. Most places don't do that, plus it's not like people wouldn't know anyway since it would be in the Xbox section.
  11. Actually. I was going to give it an official theme song.
  12. Shinedown-Cut the cord is the one I chose when I was thinking of themes for a BTB show which never happened. Try that one.
  13. I already have one. Should I be chosen as the new GM for this league, that's when everybody will find out what it is.
  14. You guys are considering a Women's Division eh?

    As an outsider, and someone who plays a female character in this site's e-fed, if you want to have a women's division, there need to be a few things to make it work.

    - People will need to develop their characters just like they would a male one. There is a reason why fans backlashed (hehe, that PPV was yesterday) at the whole "diva-era." Plus, as someone who enjoys a lot of the social sciences, it's the twenty-first century! We're trying to treat men and women as fair as we can in society! We ain't perfect but come on people, don't fuck up! As in...

    - Be Mature about it. Don't be all like "Oh, boobies!" or make that girl into your fetish and do inappropriate things.

    - Speaking of which...when you make your CAW, sure you can make them look good. But make sure what they are wearing is something that can be seen as "wrestling gear." I think you know what I mean.

    - Most of all though, if you join this league and create a female character, make sure you can handle the load and have fun while doing it. Gl if you guys do this division, and I hope you guys have a good year in 2k17 and maybe the league can grow more. I don't have an X-box One or PS4, so I can't join. But I am rooting for ya guys. Yellow, you did a great job these past number of years for the leagues, you deserve some time away from running it.


    - NL

    (P.S: Ignition is a lit name)
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  15. You can have a fetish character and still be PG

    (cough cough) (open)
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    I had a theme picked out as well. I also had quite a few for PPVs. So I guess that's just another thing that depends on who gets picked
  17. Liking the Tag championship idea, would be a cool thing to have.

    If we have the people for it, then the women's division would be a cool thing to try, the only issue is making sure we have people willing to put the effort in to play 2 matches over the weekend, hardly a problem for me but something to think about.

    @Jet Starr: Divas title as the old Trish/Lita one, or the one AJ/Paige feuded for(thought that was a eh title tbh). Undisputed title would be awesome though <3

    The manager bit would be pretty cool because it would give people like @NLSuplex (not saying he would sign up as a manager but just making a point :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) a chance to be a part of this league, I get the objections to it but it may help bring storylines and feuds. Maybe make it a rule so that there are only x managers allowed to sign up? To make sure not everyone has a manager lol.
  18. If tag titles do come in, I think you should be able to hold them and a singles title together. I think that was something that held back the teams previously. Only issue would be PPVS and potential double booking.
  19. To the first I will say what I said already. We should have separate sign-ups. One for the men, one for the women, and one for the tag teams. This would allow us to see if the tag and women's divisions have enough people to be a thing. If not, then we won't have them.
    As for the belt, Jet said the old "Women's" title, not "Diva's", which leads me to believe he is talking about the one that Trish and Lita feuded over.

    I agree completely. The biggest problem both TWF and EIF had with tag titles is that they followed the same rule as the world and minor, being that you couldn't hold any other belt if you already held them. Therefore you will be allowed to hold the tag titles with one other title. As for the double booking, I guess that is the consequences that go along with deciding to pursue multiple championships at once. However, I will add in a stipulation because of that. First, if you are not a champion, you cannot challenge for a singles title as well as the tag titles in the same night. And second, if you are double booked for a singles title and a tag title match and you show up for one match but not the other, then there will be repercussions (which will likely be a reversed decision in the match that you did show up for).
  20. Yup, Lita/Trish belt.
    And yes, I agree with the title situation. If you get chosen, that has to be a thing.