3/27/13 NXT

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roi, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xyknkb_wwe-nxt-3-27-13-full-show-hq_sport#.UVVzGhxg-8A[/video]
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  2. Cheers.

    Pretty poor show in all honesty. Why are they whoring out 'Mania all over NXT? Anyone who's watching NXT is almost certainly going to be watching it. Still, Ambrose's bit on the Shield promo was great, Sandow's promos are always fun and Hero's attack on Regal advanced their fued well.

    Oh and since when was the Fink the NXT announcer? What a waste not having him on one of the main shows.
  3. Yeah this was crap, but Ambrose's promo was so dope. His delivery imo is the best in WWE with Punk. There is a lot more to promos than most people think and he does them all.
  4. Vince must've been in control. We got tons of video packages, recaps, things shoven down throats, squashes, Sandow jobbing and Orton with an RKO out of nowhere (haven't even finished watching but it's not like it was any different). No Wyatt, Neville, Big E, Paige, Emma, or even Graves and O'Brian. This feels like more of a WWE show than the others felt. Sucks. At least the opening match was pretty good, and so were Shield and Ohno.
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  5. Worst episode of NXT yet. Too many main roster guys and basically just a "don't forget Wrestlemania show". At least we got all those segments out of the way and can return to normal next week.
  6. Will they? I think there's still one show before WM. And one way or the other I don't see why they had to put Clay squashing Rodriguez and Orton squashing Sandow there.
  7. From what I can remember there are enough matches left for a main roster show but it mixes it up with NXT guys and is a champion vs champion show. Cesaro vs Neville is supposed to be great.
  8. Thanks man, been looking for this everywhere!
  9. No prob rain :otunga:
  10. Does sound much better than this week's.
  11. Holy crap this was bad. Fast forwarded through everything I didn't care about, only took 10 minutes to watch. When did they move Smackdown to Thursday?

    I only watched the stuff with the NXT talent involved, and since the whole divas division basically counts I checked out Kaitlyn and Nattie, and obviously Ohno running down to beat up Regal. Get 'em.
  12. Just because I started the show out happy with an actual match from the divas.
  13. Hey, it's amazing what happens when you put two women who care about the business in the ring together and give them enough time to work.
  14. Yeah, just proves how simple it is. The NXT divas division is more interesting than the WWE one, that's something.
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