3 Generation Family having WWE/WWF Career

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  1. list some 3 Generation Family having WWE/WWF Career
    Like McMahon Family has.
  2. Hennig
    The rock and his relatives
    All I can think of
  3. The McMahon family is up to the fourth generation now, counting Steph and HHH (the latter through being the son-in-law.)

    The Rock, Randy Orton, Curtis Axel, Natalya, Chavo Guerrero, Teddy Hart and Davey Hart Smith (through law) are all third generation superstars. I'm pretty sure Ted Dibiase Jr. is, too. His dad The Million Dollar Man said on the Ultimate Warrior DVD from 2005 that his mom and dad were both wrestlers, so Dibiase Jr. (who just left WWE to go fishing or something) has to be third generation at least. I think Umaga might be as well. There's probably others, too.
  4. McMahon (Vince Sr., Vince McMahon, Shane)
    Hennig (Larry Hennig, Curt Hennig, Joe Hennig)
    Rock's family (Peter Maivia, Rocky Johnson, The Rock)
    Rotundo family (Blackjack Mulligan, IRS, Bray Wyatt/Bo Dallas)
    Orton's (Bob Orton Sr., Bob Orton, Randy Orton)
  5. Larry Hennig never worked for the WWE.
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