News 3 Hours Not Enough?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. :woo:
  2. Yay, more recap time.
  3. Maybe another job for Scott "Why the fuck am I not on Smackdown" Stanford.
  4. Recaps finally have their own part of RAW!
  5. Ill watch this before i watch the main show. Most likely a Kofi and a Ryder match?
  6. Does anybody even watch all of WWE's stuff weekly? Seriously, they just want us to not have lives.
  7. Of all the things Raw needs, an extra half hour isn't it. They could use it to get all of their recapping well out of their system before the main show starts, but then the three hour show will probably be just recapping what was shown on the pre-show.

    How many hours of WWE TV do we seriously need every week?

    Maybe next, all the pre-shows will end up having their own pre-shows.
  8. :dawg: Yo dawg I heard you liked Pre shows....
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  9. Awesome. Excited about this.
  10. It will probably be online.
  11. Why don't they just make Raw & Smack down 24 hours shows already. 15 hours of recap, 2 hours of matches & the rest can be camera guys following them into their personal lives as they venture on to the next stadium....

  12. For goodness sakes. It's a 30 minute web preshow. People need to loosen up.
  13. I just miss 2 hour shows... 3 hours is over kill in my opinion.
    Also, I don't care to watch pre-shows. :smug:
  14. Really? :hmm:
  15. Need... More... Wrestling!!!! Seriosuly I usually just watch them later on. I never watch the shows on TV so I can just skip through stuff If I deem it not important (I.E. Raw rebounds, the same video package, HOF stuff, BeAStar stuff, advertising). The reason I do this is cause I don't have time to watch it all, otherwise I would.
  16. If they make all the recaps during the preshow time and then make an only wrestling and promos show I'd love it.
  17. This is too much. Glad it'll be irrelevant if it does happen though.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. No :pity:

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