3 man dude's owning Hannah

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 24, 2012.

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  2. Who is this Hannah person? :emoji_slight_smile:)

    NAAAAAH. The 3MB of the WF is Xanth. He's enough to be three!
  3. The title clearly says: ''3 man dude's''.

  4. /me was expecting a gangbang porno
  5. Was expecting a gangbang :downer:
  6. Did someone say gangbang? :vince:
  7. Lady gurl, you may get lost with this reference, and I'm here to help!

    I was in a "bitch womanizer" persona when I started here. Started with Ryan, then to Vince, Crayo, Xanth, and to the others. basically had a new "baby boo" each week. I'm in a "good girl" mode now with @[R'Albin] now though. :emoji_wink:


    Guys, you can still refer to my old "promos" if you and my little friend is sad. :emoji_wink:) :maybe:


  8. Wouldn't you have technically been a maneater then? :hmm:
  9. I don't eat guys, but I've deffo been the AJ of this forum before.

    Still the WF queen tho. :emoji_wink:)

    #ScaringTheProclaimedWFQueenByThePeopleWhenILeftWhichWasYouSoYeahWeAreBasicallyEnemiesAndYayLongHashtags #IStillLoveYouTho
  10. Lmao, maneater isn't to be taken literally. XD Maneater is just the female equivalent to womanizer, lol.

    And LOL, are we? I thought the guys said Britanica was WF queen when you left? I'm just a random wwe noob. :dawg:

    Which reminds me, where did she go? It seems she left all of the sudden. :hmm:
  11. No Lady is the queen :gtfo: Noob, I don't even know who you are :finger:
  12. Love and Tolerance. :tough:
  13. :sad1: Bu-but she's taking your throne :sad: What about loyalty and honor?
  14. It was a split decision, and since she's not here... yeah. You are now Queen of WF (when I'm offline!)! :maybe:

    Annnnnnd... yeah, we are renemies! :grr: Secretly tho I lurve you so much gurl lemme love you until forevur

    I dunno tho. She's active on her twitts tho!

    FAROOQ! But you lurve me, we had our awesome moments!
  15. :sad: She is mah new best friend.
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    After Dat Kid, Stopspot, and Matt :hmm:
  16. Lmao, okay. I'll just smile and nod my head at you guys' strange forum rules. But I lurve you too, Broski


    Friendship surpasses all.


    D'aww, being fourth place has never been so heartwarming.

    ...wait no, it's just gas. :smug:
  17. You just threw everything we've been through. Hmmpt. :sad: Go to your @[Lady Deathbane] now and be a slave like you are.

    Face it Lady, we have weird forum rules. It makes it fun tho!
  18. Slave? Oh it's because I'm black? :tough: @[Dat Kid From Jersey] Black forumers assemble! :dawg: :otunga: :tyson:
  19. It ain't wack bein' black. :ksi:
  20. We really need more dark chocolate here :sad1:
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