Spoiler 3 New NXT Stars Debut on RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. Kalisto and Sin Cara better known as The Lucha Dragons debuted along with Adrian Neville going under Neville debuted. Kalisto was really over with the crowd, and he did show some awesome moves. Neville got a massive pop and had his own fair share of spots.

    What do you think is in the near future for all of them?
  2. I'm hoping Neville begins feduing for the IC Title.

    I can only imagine a triple threat with db, ziggler, and Neville.
  3. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan seems way more probably then an immediate entry for Neville. I think Neville's going to job out Axel for a week or two before moving up the card.
  4. Who was the 3rd? Sin Cara has been upto the main stage many times :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  5. He was called up...

    leave.it.at.that. :tough:
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  6. R.I.P "Adrian", because WWE apparently thinks we don't know what first names are. :heyman:
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  7. Ah, great debuts. Enjoyed them. The Lucha Dragons are probably going to enjoy some success in the tag division because it's not really deep. Gonna wait and see what they do with Neville.
  8. Enjoyed their debuts, I'm glad the crowd gave both Neville and The Lucha Dragons some big pops.

    Don't mess it up, WWE.
  9. I liked the purple on Neville tho, Yellow is my favorite color but Purple is a close third and it looked pretty dank on him.. so happy he's found his way to the main show! Hopefully they give him some good matches, I'd like to see him win one vs Adam Rose next and then Stardust next and then lose to someone like Jack Swagger after a sick back and forth effort to start a feud, perhaps even Bo Dallas.. Bo & Neville put on good matches.. I hate seeing up and comers win all their matches for a few months straight, that bothers me.
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  10. I get what you mean with the newbies winning every time, but I think it's important. You're establishing a new face to your audience, if you have plans to push them at any level anytime soon it really helps to have them look good.
  11. Well considering the battles they had in NXT....
  12. Kalisto seems like he could be the Rey replacement WWE wants as far as a masked high flyer.

    Neville doesn't interest me.
  13. How long do you think the luchadragons will last? *cough* The Ascension *cough*
  14. I wonder if they will have the two teams feud now? They did a lot together in NXT not long ago so they would be used to working with each other I imagine.
  15. He's definitely better suited for it than Hunicara or the original Sin Cara IMO.

    Maybe now they can finally kill off the Sin Cara character and bring back Hunico, who was actually a decent character.
  16. I'm fine with Sin Cara. He compliments Del Sol really well, imo.
  17. Sin Cara is fine in the tag division.
  18. Yes, but I'm curious to see if he might switch back to Hunico after him and Kalisto break-up...
    One thing's for certain, though, when Kalisto starts flying solo, Sin Cara is going to be lost in the shuffle.
  19. I guess in the future it would be viable. He had a cool theme
  20. I like Kalisto. I hope wwe give him the same opportunities they gave original sin cara(before he blew it)
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