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The Artiste
*Camera pans to The Webmaster standing in front of Ben Song and Reaper*
The Webmaster: Disciples. You have probably already heard the words of one Luis Alvarado and are wondering what my response to such a self-loving statement even going as far to say he doesn't care who I am. Well you all know what happened to the last man that said those same words to me. What I want to talk about is not Luis though but in fact the chances of us the Disciples leaders to bring Exodus's championship back here into our domain. As you should all know having three chances is better than just having one and us three leaders are all in this tournament and are all willing to do anything to win that title and put a stop to Exodus before it has even fully begun.
*The Webmaster steps backward before Ben Song stands up and begins to talk*
Ben Song: As for Mr. Luis. Well he should probably start training and stop talking because before you are able to beat someone the likes of The Webmaster first you must learn that staying quiet is sometimes a good thing. And because I know you're wondering the reason I'm saying all of this instead of your opponent is that he believes you are not even good enough to speak directly to, but unlike you he has been watching your matches and researching you so that he can embarrass you in your match and turn you from a C- celebrity into a E+ at best and you'll still be doing your crappy commercials every damn week.
*Ben Song sits back down as home, The Webmaster and Reaper begin to laugh manically before the camera fades to black*
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