Ring of Honor 3 ROH guys possibly on the way out

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. Plus Eddie and Davie are on the WWE's radar and they have been hinting at leaving for one of the big two (or back to Japan, Davey's already heading over to NOAH).

    If these 3 do leave, who do you see stepping up on the current ROH roster? Or do you see ROH bringing in some new and younger talent to help fill the void?

    I want more Matt Taven, he's entertaining and a good worker. He has a more sleazy HBK style gimmick and he's still young and can grow more. Plus ROH is already high on him.

    Silas Young needs more time on TV as well. The dude is a beast and could be a good mid carder in ROH permanetly. He's been maximizing his minutes in this feud with Chicken.

    I could also see them bringing in a youngster like JT Dunn or David Star. Would have loved to see Ethan Page or Josh Alexander get a ROH spot but those damn visa issues :sad:
  2. I have no idea who can step up to fill those spots. All former world champs, big shoes to fill.
  3. Taven, Ciampa and Silas are 3 very good talents who I think are capable of filling in the shoes of Roddy, Davie and Eddie.
  4. If they're going to TNA, I'd love to see them as Dojo Bros and Davey Richards; not Wolves and Strong.

    If they're going to WWE, I just hope they won't be a fucking jobbers.

    But one is sure, they're most probably leaving.
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