3 segments confirmed for next week

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, May 23, 2013.

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  1. http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/16924/3-segments-for-next-weeks-raw-revealed

    The following segments were advertised for Monday's episode of RAW on tonight's WWE Main Event broadcast:

    * Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel appearing on The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho.
    * John Cena returns to address Ryback's challenge for Payback.
    * WWE addresses Triple H's concussion angle.

    Jericho and Axel fued? God I'm so looking forward to the promo between him and Heyman as well.
  2. Isn't next week's RAW in Calgary as well? I remember them talking about doing Bret Hart appreciation night. Curtis to kick Bret Hart out of his wheel chair (he just had surgery) ftw.
  3. If Cena keeps his stuff serious that sounds good. Obviously Axel and Jericho.

    So Triple H may be taking time off TV? :yay:
  4. A way to work around if Cena gets unserious would be having Ryback interupt it (which he likely will anyway). Say Cena is interviewed by Tony Dawson and is doing his schtick. Ryback comes out with the ambulance, gets in Cena's face and calls him out on not taking him or his injuries serious. Then Ryback picks up Dawson, throws him in the ambulance and drives off, continuing his trend of kidnapping people with it.
  5. Highlight Reel will reek of awesomeness!

    (600th post!)
  6. Holy shit The Highlight Reel is going to be awesome.
  7. Looking forward to the Highlight Reel, Cena returning already is fine too and well the HHH concussion angle will probably be what it is.
  8. Okay so it was a concussion? I heard The king say "I think he's having a stroke"
  9. :yay: for the Highlight Reel segment! That should be good. Meh on Cena's return.
  10. The Highlight Reel should be excellent! I think Jericho could have a great feud with Axel if it's done correctly.

    And too bad Cena will be returning next week :pity:
  11. Heyman Vs Jericho Promo :yay:
  12. Lol King is just retarded; commentary would be so much better without him.
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