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    So after the supposed firing on Monday Night RAW the WWE Website seemed to have reflected it by moving 3 superstars to the Alumni section of the website.. If you watched RAW last night you would've seen at the end of the show as the Authority was walking up the ramp they turned back toward the ring and made an announcement to 4 members of Team Cena from Survivor Series.. Erick Rowan, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler were "fired".. Shortly after the WWE Alumni page had put all three of them on the page..

    What do people make of this? Honestly I think it's a work and if by some small chance that it isn't I think it's a rough move for the roster but who knows.


    You can read/watch the comments made by the 3 "former" superstars at this link.

  2. Wouldn't be the first time this has happened.

    Brad Maddox last year, Brock Lesnar back in 2012.
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  3. See you three guys next week. lol

    This is obviously a work.

    Would love to see them beat the living shit out of Cena next week, though.
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  4. I thought so too but after doing a little reading it seems the three of their contracts are literally ending somewhere between now and the February PPV from some of the sources (not incredibly reliable but have provided quite a bit of true reports).
  5. I hope big things come out of this for Ziggler. I wanna eventually relate it to what they did with Bryan, but for now, it seems similar to Cody Rhodes.
  6. The one way I see this working out and being "good" is if it involves a Sting/Daniel Bryan Anti-Authority task force and they bring in a couple of goons AKA Ziggler, Ryback & Rowan.. If not I'm not quite sure how this will play out, it's possible these guys could be off TV until after WM should they really just be part of a work.
  7. Oh, I see... But I still think it's a work, doubt they'd just legitimately move someone to the alumni section when their contract hasn't expired yet.

    I really hope something good comes out of this, especially for Ziggler. He got pushed for SS, and then de-pushed after SS, so all of it may have been the WWE's plan to lure DZ into signing a new contract with them.

    If he does sign a new contract, hopefully he'll be utilized properly this time.
  8. I'm pretty sure this is just a work to give them some time off and feed into the current story, they'll probably be back within a few weeks to join the fight against the Authority.
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  9. Or they could be back next week to kick Cena's ass... You never know, but the crowd would love it. lol

    HUSTLE. LOYALTY. TURN HEEL, you douchebag.
  10. True, you never know, through I hope they don't bring them back that quick; kills the story aspect of it a bit.

    And Cena has been a hell for me since 2007 anyway so it wouldn't matter if he turned.
  11. I know, but I was just implying how much I'd love it if they beat Cena for getting fired.

    Yeah, Cena's prolly the biggest heel behind the company itself. So, him actually turning would be official. Loved heel Cena, though. When he turned face, he got neutered.
  12. lol

    back to the indies for these rejects

    Tis obviously a work...
  13. I don't think there isn't anybody that wouldn't love it (which I would) except Cena fans and maybe a few Authority marks; but what can you do?

    If Cena played up the traits everyone hates (me included) about him, turned them up to 11 and made the heel turn official he would probably be the biggest heel of all time; wouldn't mind it honestly.
  14. We wouldn't mind him turning heel. But the ultimate marks and Cena's 8 year old army of doom would riot. lol
  15. At least they would be less vicious then the ECW crowd if Cena had actually beat Van Dam at ONS 06. lol
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  16. These comments makes me want to stop watching WWE.

    Show Spoiler








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  17. Ain't nothing like true marks.
  18. Still real to them dammit.
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  19. Well, makes sense. I'd say I'm wondering how this angle will play out but I'm really not.
  20. Although they have been moved to the alumni page it seems the superstars are being advertised for future events, if they wanted to do it right they would definitely have removed them from the ads to.. they will probably be out for a week or so but probably will end up making appearances at Royal Rumble and further on that point.
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