3 Things...erm, people.

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  1. Name three people (can be anyone) that you admire/highly respect.
    Give reasons why.
  2. Farooq because he's black
    Ron Simmons because he has a BBC
    Shawn Michaels because he can turn the straightest man gay
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  3. Sheamus (irl) because I met him personally and he's such a troll.
    George Carlin (because he's George Carlin, RIP)
    Zero (because I talked to him in private and he's really a nice guy)
  4. Big Show (He made being overweight and made it a positive)
    Gabriel Igleasias (Same reason but, in a funny way)
    I don't know anyone else...
  5. Santa
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  6. Bill Gates
    Steve Jobs
    Kim Dotcom

    Fairly obvious reasons and I'm too lazy to explain.
  7. Neil Pattrick Harris
    Joesph Gordan-Levitt
    Chuck Norris
  8. I'm impressed! Are you the same Jonathan who criticizes Apple because they sell expensive products?
  9. I don't criticise Apple, I criticise people who pay over the odds for things you can get for half the price, simply because it's 'Made by Apple' or 'It's a Mac'

    Steve Jobs himself was a genius.
  10. 1: Sir Alex Ferguson - I don't need to explain it, best manager ever, I don't think there will ever be a better manager than him.
    2: Johnny Cash - Absolute legend of music, had the ability to turn an average song into an all time great.
    3: Juninho - I support Middlesbrough and he clearly loves the club, he's also our best ever player so yeah.
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  11. Gotta agree because Jobs was a genius, but his products are amazing too. We buy Apple products because even if they're expensive we're paying for it's quality. We know that an iPhone is more expensive and than an Android device but Android isn't better than iOS
  12. Mario Lemieux: Had cancer and came back from it to dominate the NHL once more.

    Arnold Swarzenegger: Became the biggest Hollywood action star, best bodybuilder ever, and Governor of the most populated state in the US after being born in a rural village in Austria. Also a hell of a ladies man.

    Edward Norton: Fight Club, American History X
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  13. :lol1:

    Android > iOS
  14. Niggaswag
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  15. YOU FORGOT HULK! :angry:
    I liked him as Bruce Banner. :okay:

  16. Yeah, he was OK in that but the two performances mentioned are fucking unreal.
  17. Yeah... He essentially plays a crazy person the best. I also liked him in Death to Smoochy :haha:
  18. Al Pacino - Simply the best actor imo

    Bill Gates - Created an empire.

    Neil Peart - Best.Drummer. EVER
  19. Ryan Braun, Ryan Braun, and Ryan Braun.