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  1. Name 3 things most people have at your age that you don't.

    1.) a car
    2.) a license
    3.) a kid/baby
  2. 1) A kid
    2) A house
    3) It's not really a "thing" but a lot of people my age seem to be married already
  3. 1- An appartment
    2- A part time job
    3- A love for wrestling
  4. Made me giggle from the irony. :haha:
  5. 1.) PS3
    2.) Xbox
    3.) GirlFriend Lmao
  6. 1.Money
    2.See above
    3.See above
  7. I'm talking about locally,there's no body my age within a 30 mile radius that likes wrestling.
  8. If you have a house, food, internet access... ect.... You has money fu!
  9. But you said you don't have a love for wrestling :notsure:

  10. Fine, change it to disposable income.
  11. :ksi:

  12. :damnn: I mis-read the thread. I thought we were supposed to name 3 things we had that most people are age don't have...

    New list:
    1. A life
    2. Money
    3. A kid
  13. :obama:

  14. [​IMG]
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  15. *Have. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:

  16. Also, :notsure: if you're calling me a fool or saying fuck you. Either way, I should be somewhat insulted :idk:
    1. A kid
    2. No tattoos
    3. No earrings.
  17. A house
    A car
    A kid
  18. 1. Money
    2. A deep voice
    3. Fifa
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