3 Way Tag Title Match at Lockdown?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. It seemed so this past Thursday.

    Aries&Roode vs. Bad Influence vs. Nachos.

    Good grief, Nachos always have to ruin a great match, and turn it into just good match, like they did at BFG.

    Fucking criminals they are.
  2. Sounds good, as long as Chavo and Hernandez don't win.
  3. Fuck dem beans.
  4. Fuck this, Bad influence vs AA Roode will be amazing, and having those face fucking idiots will kill my buzz.
  5. Get Nacho Libre outta there and you get MOTY.
  6. Why would TNA even bother with Los Stereotypicos? Did the European tour teach them nothing?

    Nobody likes these guys, nobody sees them as credible, every heel team they face has more it factor, ring skills, mic skills, they're far superior in every possible aspect and the fans know it. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME TNA
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  7. Tell dixie.
  8. Aries/Roode vs Daniels/Kaz would be stupidly good. Four of the best workers in the company, and honestly, I think this match would be attractive to the casual viewer. Those involved all have entertaining characters and despite it being heel vs heel, plus the crowd would just end up siding with someone anyway [most likely Roode and Aries cause of A double]. There's literally not one reason to add Los Stereotypicos to this match. Often there are booking decisions that I hate but can understand as they are beneficial to the company, but this shit is just utterly pointless.

    On a slightly unrelated note: I can't think of an all heel tag match from the top of my head, has there been any good ones before?
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  9. Don't you have a Twatter or whatever it's called? :cornette:
    The entire forum should try to spam Dixie's Twitter, surely @Testify can pull some guys from TNAsylum to get their readers on board with this.
  10. - They do have their rematch clause.:neymar2:

    - Can't think of any, tbh.

    No problem, on my way to do it. Also, don't forget about #BringBackCrimson campaign, it's still goin'. :boss:
  11. Will be a great match for me. All those three teams are great and have a great in ring chemistry. Also if Aries and Roode will beat them, and they will, these two will show how strong these two can be as a a team.
  12. Sorry, but did you just call Chavo Guererro the third and Shawn Hernandez Jr. a "great team"? Again, sorry, but I lol'd hard.
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