3 ways to make CM Punk exciting again.

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  1. So I thought we'd discuss ways to make CM Punk and his title reign exciting again.
    I will myself post three suggestions by yours truly and we will take it from there.

    1: Let him cut another shoot - CM Punks true rise to WWE prominence was when he cut the shoot promo back last summer. Everyone and their grandma who watches wrestling knows that. That was CM Punk as he should be; Edgy and bad ass take no prisoners anti hero with a hint of spider-man like comedy to him. Since then he has basically become what he hates. The guy, the corporate stooge with less corporate in him. Have one of the heel wrestlers or Johnny Ace point it out to him. What has he accomplished since becoming champ. Tell him he has become complacent. This would kick Punk in the face and be his wake up call. Later that night or next week he would come out, most likely interrupting a big heel segment. And cut a new shoot promo. Establishing himself once again as the anti authority figure and getting his momentum rolling again.

    2: Make him a fighting champ - Right after Ace won power over both shows he made a decree that Punk would defend his title every week on RAW. Punk went three matches with Mark Henry and that was the last we saw of that angle. A resurgence of that angle could help bring Punks edge back. Have him insult Ace in one of his promos and Ace reinstating the fighting champ decree. Issuing a open season on Punk and his title. Basically making him a target for every heel in the locker room hoping to get in Ace's good book. Every week a new heel comes out hoping to dethrone Punk and become one of Ace's guys. This would leave Punk on edge as a majority of the locker room would be looking to take him out. He would have to adapt and become more vicious and edgy in his style to survive. It could even spin off into a major heel vs face angle with Punk being the leader of the "revolution" as Cena is busy feuding with Show. With the golden boy gone Punk will show that he is worthy of being the guy and being the champ.

    3: Let him and Bryan run a lengthy summer program - Punk and Bryan bring out the best in each other. If the two were allowed to run a lengthy program over the summer with Bryan stealing the title from Punk and Punk being the one chasing with Bryan escaping at every turn it would legitimize them both as main eventers and give us the fans entertaining, exciting segments and great matches all summer long. Without the involvement of Kane.

    These are just my ideas. Now it's your turn.
  2. Just let the guy do what he wants
  3. I like those ideas, but I'm not sure about a second shoot, which seems to be everyone's favorite option. Would lightning strike twice? It wouldn't have the same shock value as the first one, and it would make it look like shooting is Punk's thing, I don't know. The first one was awesome to say the least, but I'm not a second one would help. It could, it's true, but I don't think it's a big guarantee that another shoot would benefit Punk.
  4. My personal favourite is the second one cause it allows Bryan to be incorporated into it as one of the guys going after him.
  5. If we're revamping Punk, I'd have him lose to Bryan in their third encounter, by getting screwed by a returning Vince. Vince - aligned with the board of directors (six guys who come out in suits, never speaking) - state Punk has became the face of the company and Vince doesn't want his company represented by a no caring scrub like Punk. Vince puts Punk up against heel #1, if Punk loses he's fired. Punk wins. This happens two weeks in a row.

    Then, in Punk's third match, it's a handicap. He's about to win but a returning heel HHH screws him and Punk is "fired". We don't see Punk for a month or two. Similarly to his former angle, he invades "staged" WWE press conferences (after a month or two) and comiccon opting to fight Vince's favourite corporate stooge HHH at "big PPV name here" for his job. Punk wins cleanly. He returns and then feuds with Vince until Wrestlemania eventually hitting Vince with the GTS.

    Came up with that in minutes, lots of flaws, lots of potential though.
  6. I'd like Bryan to be involved with Punk, that's for sure.

    I love the storyline you proposed Crayo. But I can imagine a booker going there and proposing this idea to Vince, HHH, and the rest of Creative. :haha:
  7. You don't need any exotic idea to fix the guy, just stop booking him like Cena Jr and let him go back to being a badass. WWE's 'faces = smiley happy go lucky kid friendly douchebags' logic is fucking retarded
  8. That's how it's mostly been ever since Benoit's death. :upset:
  9. Seeing Punk being booked as Cena is awful indeed. When I saw some backstage interview on WWE.com where Punk said he was never going to quit as long as his title is on the line or something I felt sick. Seems like WWE's idea of a top guy is really... generic.
  10. Re attach his balls.

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  11. :obama: