3 ways to revamp Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, May 27, 2012.

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  1. This is a bit of a rehash of my CM Punk thread in the RAW section and a old thread in here as well. I will post three suggestions for what can be done to revamp Smackdown and then we can discuss suggestions from the rest of you. I am a fan of Smackdown so seeing the show doing well is something I want. I've always thought of it as having better length matches and also more high quality matches before it got cluttered with Sheamus and Big Show. So here goes.

    1: - Trade the US title for the World Heavyweight Championship.
    Smackdown is the show for the young wrestlers. And the US title is held by a Smackdown star. Plus Sheamus is more on RAW then he is on Smackdown anyway. Have him move the WHC to RAW and Santino officially move the US title to SD. That way RAW can be the "main event show" it is suppose to be and Smackdown can be used for what it was used to. Mid card wrestling. Build the mid card on Smackdown. That leads us into point number 2.

    2: - Focus on younger wrestlers.
    Smackdown is the place for the young wrestlers to feud for the mid card titles. By having the mid card titles all on one show you can build a hierarchy within the mid card allowing stars to advance and learn how to draw crowds for title feuds before they are possibly pushed into feuds for the WHC or WWE championship. Have the show focus on the young guys and the less important titles. In turn making new main eventers and the lesser titles mean something.

    3: - Protect the brand extension.
    Smackdown stars appear on RAW every week yet RAW stars almost never appear on Smackdown. On Smackdown the brand extension seems to be live and well. Keep it that way, move the guys like Sheamus, Orton and Big Show who are on RAW every week to RAW and let the guys like Rhodes, Hunico, Christian, Dibiase and Sin Cara learn how to carry shows. Smackdown is still the best watched and most watched show on Syfy so they wont' really loose on investing in the young whilst keeping some veterans like Christian on Smackdown to help carry the load and lead them into it. That way when guys like Rhodes eventually get called up to RAW they know how to pull and handle eventually leading the big show. Cause they were allowed to lead on Smackdown.

    Those are my ideas. Discuss!
  2. Hopefully it'll improve with Sin Cara back. :burns:
  3. That would probably push SD as a "b show" (even though we all know it is) and that definitely won't help ratings. I agree SmackDown should be using the up-and-coming wrestlers in story-lines as it's less pressure performing on SmackDown (taped show). But you need the WHC and some main-eventers there, else there's no point in having it on TV. The midcard is in too much of a state to carry a show.
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  7. Inb4 Xanth comes.
  8. Aren't Orton, Shaemus, hornswaggle, ADR, Bryan all main eventers?
  9. Well, there are two places you can go, going from your point of view: one of them would make SD a complete B-Show, but WWE wouldn't do that. As Crayo said, it wouldn't draw ratings, the house show circuit would also have really low attendances, etc. I think that if the brand extension was respected and they treated Raw and SD as actual equals, things would work. That's the other place you could go, putting Raw and SD at the same level. Make SD live, make the brand split mean something, and have some good feuds. We all know that SD is the lesser show. We have Raw recaps on SD all the time, but never a SD recap on Raw. Scrapping recaps entirely is also a good idea. Anyway, that, together with focusing on younger talent, would be a good thing.
  10. Crayo, Smackdown is not the B show


    The number two
  11. SD is currently better than Raw Crayo. No B show.
  12. Show quality doesn't define which one's the A-Show and the B-Show. Lots of people consider NXT to be currently superior to Raw. It's how much focus and attention it's given by the company.
  13. Vince lives and breathes the company, so that's not true. He just hasn't taken his meds yet. :obama::burns:
  14. Smackdown is easily better than Raw, it was fantastic last fall/winter when Vince admittedly put all his effort into Raw and Ed Koskey had almost full control of the Smackdown product (what a shock, the mcmahons backing away helped something). Then you had 4 actual, real, interesting feuds... plus the filler matches were really good and got time. Bring back that Smackdown!

    As for your points: The young wrestlers? Hell yeah. Trading a world title for a belt not worth the gold it's made of is silly, The supershow... Right now, how many babyfaces are on the main roster? There's Sheamus, Orton, Christian, Ryback, Sin Cara... and that's all since Khali's scrub ass was sent to ruin NXT. Yeah, they can push some guys up (Tyson and Gabriel? The Uso's?) but I doubt WWE will do that. So until the SD roster gets healthy, the supershow is really helping both brands. After that, please make it Raw-only.
  15. So Vince put his efforts into Raw late last year? That explains the awesome Mark Henry monster heel run and why HHH was the center of attention on Raw.
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