300,000 posts achieved.

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Well what an achievement. I don't want to get too soppy because that normally results in you guys verbally destroying me, but give yourselves a pat on the back.

    The site was made on December 17th and launched on December 18th, I never knew just 10 months later we would be on 300,000 posts. So yeah, short and sweet, thank you very much for your loyalty and dedication to WWE Forums. As always we will try and improve the site to your liking whatever the post count is.

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  2. 300,000 posts is a fantastic achievement. May we all post for a long long time.
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  3. We should be at 1,000,000 :bury:

    More posting now :aries:
  4. A million would have required 100,000 posts a month lmao.
  5. :obama: Great achievement.
  6. It's possible, now that I'm here. :boss1:
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  7. :win: well done to all
  8. Astonishing achievement. I remember 50k, 100k and 200k, and to now be on 300,000 is amazing.
    Congratulations to all, 400k will soon be upon us!

    From seeing this forum grow from less than 100 posts when I joined to 300,000 is amazing. :upset:
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  9. You've blown me out the water, boy did you pick the right niche.
    Also, you should learn how to admin a server before it's too late. Can't stay on shared forever.
  10. Rule #1 of WWEForums: Crayo is always right.

    You make a good point at the end, also :obama:
  11. God help us if we're forced. If it goes how I want it to go then we might just be okay. I do think I'll be spending more of my free time researching this stuff though because unmanaged is a lot cheaper than managed, and without going into the boring site income stuff, it certainly doesn't generate enough to support a decent VPS at the moment, however we do have no ads at this point.
  12. My offer is still and always will be valid, my vps is doing nothing.
  13. PM'd you. Posting this so members don't think I'm ignoring you :pity:.
  14. My offer is open too, Crayo. :gusta:
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  15. :true:
  16. what offer
  17. Indeed it is.

    You'll have to ask Crayo.
  18. Great job everyone. Nice to see this forums grow this big in just 10 months.
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