3D Star Wars

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else massively looking forward to this?

    If so any other films you hope get the 3D treatment?

    Mine obvs Back to the Future if it can be done without ruining the films and making alterations!

    Also regards Star Wars anyone know if Lucas has done his usual of adding pointless crap or changing things as I aint a huge PM fan anyway but agreed to go with my mate Lauren as she's a massive SW mark? I am looking forward to it though as I mention as I despise PM so hoping ten years later it seems better! In fact despise all the new trilogy bar the change to Vader in 3!
  2. I've never really watched star wars, but going to watch with my little bro because he loves it.
  3. Presuming you made this in the wrong section @[Cloud] ?
  4. Slow reply to this yes Crayo posted in wrong section think I may have had a beer this nite and not being paying attention Lmao.

    And well I watched it months ago now but it was amazing never watched it before I did in the cinema as hated the idea of ruining the original trilogy but it was actually wicked and the 3D was done really well.

    Only downside it was like just over £30 for two tickets, two cokes and some sweets so expensive now the cinema.
  5. Moved this into the locker room only about a month late :laugh: it is expensive but that's why I tend to go on orange Wednesdays lol. Not seen Star Wars 3d but I've seen a few 3d films and they are so much better than regular films for me.
  6. I agree shame I'm not on Orange and since I was paying for two it was grim. :emoji_slight_frown:

    Top film though and I agree the 3D if done well does add a great new dimension to watching films. Really enjoyed it.
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