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  1. I kind of want to get one. Anyone have one? Is it worth it to get it?
  2. It's only worth it if you will play it on a regular basis.

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  3. It all depends on what games you have. The 3DS does come with a camera, which means you can take pictures and also record videos. It has web browsing and if you take the card out and put it into he computer, you can put music in it. It comes with street pass, which means if you pass by anybody with a 3DS(whether you're walking around or anything you can have your 3DS in your pocket) then you get heir mii character and you use hem for points on mini games. It also comes with a free mini game which you use your camera for.
  4. Pretty much what Link said. It's nice but I've used it for mostly ocarina of time.
  5. *looks at psp on desk that hasn't been touched in a week* :haha: Probably not.


    I see. Sounds cool. What games would you suggest?


    Hrm. Well I own OoT already XD
  6. Resident evil Is pretty awesome too.
  7. I do enjoy the series... I don't know. I am so indecisive. XD
  8. I only play Ocarina of Time, Links Awakening, 4 Swords, Kirby, Star fox 64, and street fighter 4. Oh and Tetris.
  9. I'd probably wait for the new DS XL that comes this fall/winter. 2 hours extra battery life. 90% bigger screen with slightly crisper graphics.

  10. I see I see.


    Eh. I have small hands and prefer the smaller DS XD I didn't like the DSXL they made. XD
  12. I'd get the PS Vita. Games and browse online like you would with a smart phone.
  13. Get PS Vita instead. It's better than 3ds in so many levels.

    To me, I'd either buy a good smartphone or tablet and stick with my 360.
  14. Well.. I have a smart phone and tablet and a 360... But I still kind of want to have a 3DS. XD Vita is too much right now for me to buy it,
  15. lol if you have a smart phone, tablet, and 360, surely you can afford a ps vita as well. It's only $100 more. I'd recommend saving up then.
  16. It isn't that I can't afford it, it is that I don't think it is worth the money as it is now XD
  17. Ah understood. I don't have vita so I can't tell you if its worth it but yeah $250 is a bit too much.
  18. I got my 3DS for ~80 on this mega sale, it's well worth it. Great games coming onto it really soon, can't wait for KH and B/W 2.

    Don't get a Vita, no gaems.
  19. Well Kingdom Hearts is kind of what I want it for XD
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