3MB and Zack Ryder

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. I had this thought in my head and wondered what you guys were thinking about this, Do you guys think WWE have nothing for 3MB and Zack Ryder and dont think they have it and are making them jobbers until their contracts run out and they dont resign them?
  2. There is no shame in being a jobber. You can't have programs running for everyone all the time and not everyone are meant to be a star. They are still good enough to be signed by the top wrestling company in the world and the WWE trust them enough to make their top guys look good, which is an even more important part of the WWE machine.

    The Brooklyn Brawler is a WWE legend and he was a jobber for life. Still one of the most respected men in the business.
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  3. Tbh Heath Slater is a fantastic jobber, while he shouldn't get a push, WWE should make their best efforts to keep Slater because he puts other wrestlers over so well.
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  4. What TheOvalhead said pretty much sums it up for Slater. They're the modern day J.O.B squad and it'll stay that way until new avenues open up. I feel bad for Ryder mostly since he's fallen so far off the map after garnering so much attention in 2011
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  5. Zack has lost a ton of matches lately
  6. Every company needs jobbers, and Ryder/3MB do it very well (especially Heath for 3MB ofc, although I'd love that coward heel IC title run but that's not the point), so they play their part. Whether the particular jobbers in question should be in that position is a nice discussion though.
  7. I think they can be awarded a midcard championship every once in a long for their jobbing efforts. World championship shouldn't be for them, but being a jobber is not bad if you can do it right, and they can do it right.
  8. What everyone else said, plus Slater seems to geniunely have a ton of fun with this character.

    They're doing a really good job building up 3MB as a funny joke at this point with stuff like what HHH said on Raw, making watching Slater get jobbed up and down the arena just so much fun.

  9. I agree with this mostly, but at the same time, no one really strives to be a jobber. 3MB is fine for the role as it's better than the three of them doing nothing and being just bland nobodies (though I think Drew McIntyre can be a handy mid carder on his own) and I think it's kind of a fun gimmick but it must be shitty for a guy like Zack Ryder, who had momentum and popularity back in 2011/2012 before they shit all over him.
  10. agree to disagree on some points. People like Ryder get over and are denied a match in their hometown, and that is my issue. That crowd Cheered "we want Ryder the last two times ive sene raw by his hometown, and Ryder was nowhere. That is weak.
  11. That's kinda funny. My user name is Zack Ryder and I'm in user group 3MB
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  12. Was thinking about you too :hmm:
  13. Kinda freaky
  14. Time filling matches nothing more. Zack has potential but his gimmick has gone lame "Woo Woo Woo I will job and you know it". He need something new, maybe that cocky & cool style from his days with Hawkins? That can work.

    Don't have much idea about Slater and Mahal but come on Drew, you are supposed to be the chosen one! Hope he will return back to that. He was simply awesome. "Get down on your knee Teddy!" great segment.
  15. Only thing about Zack that has changed is his hair. He's not Spiking anymore! #areyouseriousbro. His tights did change as well. Happy to see him with long ones again.
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