3MB titantron

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  1. Slight comedy mid card stable...pretty kickass theme and titantron.
  2. [​IMG]

    3MB = a lot of ^^^^
  3. Why the fuck is Minder Jahal in this stable?
  4. Seriously, Jinder ruining it actually makes it better. Slater and Drew are awesome, Jinder's so bad that he's good.
  5. :dafuq:
  6. "Jinder's so bad that he's good."
  7. :lol1: Yeah, it's pretty funny to see Jinder trying so it's OK.
  8. I like the theme music, video look's very cheap. But I'm not complaining.
  9. Yeah, just have him being a hypocrite saying he's a musician and keep on trying to prove it, would make for some quality entertainment.
  10. I liked it. It was so bad it's funny.
  11. I love your sig so much. You don't even know, omg...
  12. Love your sig, @[Lady Deathbane]
  13. Hey thanks! :smug:
  14. No-one likes my sig? :okay:
  15. u like my sig :yay:
  16. I love @[Lacky]'s, @[Lackin]'s, and @[Lady Deathbane]'s sig.
  17. Bitch please. My sig >all
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