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  1. Im a fan of this gimmick, Its unique and I believe it could be a good thing and tag team champs if they werent being used as jobbers. What are your guys thoughts on 3MB?
  2. Slater is the GOAT jobber
    McIntyre is meh with me.

    Mahal on the other hand, doesn't make much sense. Considering he's Indian and his past gimmick in mind shouldn't him being in a rock band make him not fit in and just be awkward?
  3. I think they're fine in their current role. Someone has to do the JOB (pun intended :smug: )
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  4. I think that is the point of Maahal, just to make the group feel uncomfortable
  5. But he doesn't act like it
  6. One's southern, one's Scottish and one's Indian.
    And they're rock stars and jobbers!
  7. He makes a good point
  8. But seeing him in it makes it awkward. He adds that awkward feeling even though he is trying his best to fit in.
  9. They are irrelevant, and i hate this deal. They play their role well, ill say that, but there is no reason to keep 2/3rds of this crew on WWE, and im including slater. Dude catches heat but has no ring presence at all, id rather they sign robbie E and have an irrelevant jobber crew with him and ryder. They need jobbers, hell we need jobbers.
  10. What exactly does 3MB stand for? "3 Man Band" right? I thinks its funnier to read it as 3 Mega Bytes because that ain't shit nowadays, so its a good comparison, lol.
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  11. Well, they're jobbers so yeah, someone has to do that. Although Slater getting some spotlight and mic time for himself wouldn't hurt.
  12. They're okay, I guess. Slater is indeed the GOAT Jobber, nobody has ever/will ever job better than the Slatemeister. McIntyre fits in some-what but Mahal? :/ Looks like they want to embarass him.
  13. Group of jobbers, just proving nothing...
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