NFL 3rd Annual WWEF Fantasy League Thread- League Discussion

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Senhor Perfect, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Let's use this thread to discuss the fantasy season as well as trash talk as much as humanly possible.
  2. I'll begin, @Dolph'sZiggler I'm going to give you the thrashing of a lifetime!!!

  3. Good luck buddy. Will be interesting w/ Stafford/Calvin dynamic. Long ways out from week 1, but looking ahead you seem to have more friendly match ups on paper, but defenses vary so much year to year who really knows.

    Wait, you said trash talk? Well good sir I find your team to be subpar! Acceptable at best, but certainly not exceptional! My team will handle your pantywaists with an abundance of ease! Good day sir!
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  4. Harrumph, my team will give your team such a drubbing that they'll be in doldrums for a fortnight!!!!!
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  5. I implore your collection of "talent" to put forth such an effort, because logic dictates that they are simply not capable of such a mythical feat. My draft will be shown to children of future generations in fantasy football textbooks as to how to properly construct a dominant unit. Your ragtag bunch is akin to buying a board game from a thrift store. It is missing too many pieces for you to actually enjoy it. Once reality sets in you will realize how outmatched your pop Warner team is and you will reach down, tap the proverbial fantasy football mat three times and call out for mercy, but I assure you none will be granted.

    Senhor until further notice I'll have to ask you call me Mr.'s Ziggler
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  6. Soon enough, you may realize.
  7. Oh yeah? Well I slept with your wife!!!
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  8. Realize that your team is even worse they we predicted? :dawg:
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  9. Posting just for future notifications, but in the mean time...... it's on, @DK James. :tough:
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  10. it's on DK. then you'll play fantasy football
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  11. first trade of the season has been agreed upon

    D'Z sends: Beast Mode, Percy Harvin and Ahmad Bradshaw

    Bill Clinton sends: Julio Jones and Keenan Allen
  12. Wow Bill how much does your ass hurt? What a trade rape :lol1:
  13. someone is mad they couldn't offer up enough to snag beast mode
  14. More butthurt than mad :okay:
  15. so I have like 6 WR now... if anyone wants one for a RB lmk lol
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  16. Hmm.
  17. Thought it had to be 1 for 1, 2 for 2, etc.?
  18. That was during the draft cause it was on here. Now that it's on the other site you can trade whatever you want for whatever you want.
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  19. Ooooh gotcha! Thanks!
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